Whisbi Voice BETA

Save on telephony cost as your agents can now receive Whisbi calls via VoIP!

Forget about high telephony costs! Whisbi Voice for Android now lets agents receive VoIP (Voice over IP) calls using the internet instead of expensive phone lines.

The Whisbi system, by default, calls the agents using conventional phone lines, and every agent needs to have a phone number to be contacted. It has several implications like depending on the telephony carrier, with the consequent costs, or having to be in a good coverage area if using a mobile line.

As an alternative, Whisbi also works with the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). There is a Whisbi VoIP gateway able to address the calls to the agents via the Internet. It bridges the customer analog call with the digital agent call.


Read more here on how to get started with this new feature!

If you would like to find out more and are already a Whisbi client then please contact your Customer Success Manager and we will show you how to find and use this new feature.

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