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Engage with web visitors at scale

Increase customer engagement & deliver a more delightful customer experience on your website with our One-to-Many Video Broadcast by Whisbi solution. Start engaging new audiences as they learn about your brand from your experts live, from your website.

Make your website more interactive & start launching new products online with video broadcasts!

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Host your broadcast on Whisbi Live

Replace traditional landing pages and forms with interactive video marketing! Use a Whisbi landing page to live stream your product demos. You can create a custom subdomain on the Whisbi platform to host your live broadcast and avoid going through the internal IT process.

Measure, collect & analyse

Presenter Rating
Obtain valuable information in real-time. In addition to questions, your viewers can interact with your brand through likes and personal ratings of presenters during the video stream.

Full tracking
Understand your audience while tracking and enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns with Whisbi Backstage. Empower your brand with an intelligent and quick reporting tool, customized for your needs.

Worlds’ leading brands use video broadcast
to increase engagement & sell more online

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