Whisbi Product Update: Real-time notifications and improved workflows

With enterprise brands changing the distribution of sales and retail efforts, we made it even easier for agents to adapt and match their workflows with Whisbi.

Stay on top of your incoming requests with real time notifications

Agent Desktop – While you perform your daily tasks we will notify you of incoming requests with notifications directly in your Chrome browser. You can also choose if you want to be alerted with or without sound.

Agent iOS – Single teams can now receive team notifications of incoming requests. Receive the notifications directly on the home screen of your iOS-device, so that you can easily combine working in a physical dealership or store with the Agent iOS app.

“I think that our agents will benefit from iOS notifications. I think it is useful and it will help the agents manage their time better in scenarios with high traffic demand.” – I.S., Retail Store Manager

Improved Agent Experience
On Agent iOS simple agent workflows are important, so we made your workflow even easier when adding new bookmarks or scheduling your next call.


On Showroom Android you want to quickly connect your session, so we made it faster, simpler and more reliable to scan a QR code. Besides that, we have also added multi-camera device support for your showroom.


Improved Broadcast experience

Workflow improvements
Some presenters told us their experience around blocking comments, so we decided to hide blocked comments and therefore, improve the experience for camera operators, presenters and moderators.

The latest Broadcast by Whisbi iOS app version 2.2.0 is now compatible with the latest public release of Apple: iOS 14.

Error handling
Last but not least, when you are live streaming it is important not to get disturbed, so we made sure that you don’t receive irrelevant alerts when you are performing a live stream.


Scalability improvements with IBM Watson

We have created a new server that scales our services and operations with the IBM Watson solution for clients using the convertor solution.


Coming up…

A new broadcast service is on the way. Stay tuned!

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