Whisbi Product Update: Live video capabilities & bringing the face-to-face experience online

We are all about live video & improving customer engagement to increase sales conversion!

A new year means new updates. 2020 was all about live video capabilities & bringing the face-to-face retail experience online. Last year we saw a big increase in the number of Enterprises partnering with us in order to better engage with their online customers.

Live video broadcasting with Whisbi Engage

We have a brand new Broadcast by Whisbi Android APP! Now you can engage with your customers through every type of device – IOS and Android. We have also made some compelling network changes and improved the Livestream stability for your viewers. 

Broadcast by Whisbi Android app

The Broadcast app is now also available on Android. In version 2.0 we rebuilt the foundations of the Android app to match the stability, scalability and reliability of the Broadcast by Whisbi iOS app.

Network bandwidth alerts

One of the remarkable updates is in-stream network bandwidth alert. This means that, while you’re streaming, your presenters get alerted when the network bandwidth changes significantly. For example, if your network bandwidth drops your presenters get notified in real-time and are able to change the quality of the live streaming video, so that your broadcasts don’t get interrupted.

Increased stability for the viewers

We changed the logic behind the way we launch each new broadcast. This change means that our streaming platform is now more powerful and able to handle multiple streams without conflicts. We made this improvement as the usage of our broadcast solution increased +400% in 2020 and we wanted to guarantee service stability for all viewers, no matter the volume.

Better customer experience with Whisbi Sell
As live video takes front and center in online customer experience, we changed the way we display the Agent’s video and made it full-size! We also introduced updates to our Whisbi Private Cloud to give you more control over your data. This environment allows you to have a dedicated infrastructure in a specific geographic zone in our network. Your customers’ data can now be isolated and protected under the Data Protection Laws of the chosen country or region.
Full-size agent video
We received your feedback. And we listened! By replacing the small round agent video with the full-size version, we made Whisbi real-time video calls not only more engaging but also more personal. Our aim is to bring the customer experience as close as possible to a real face-to-face interaction that customers can have in physical stores. Read more here.

Whisbi Private Cloud

Whisbi’s private cloud is an independent cloud environment. It gives our customers the option to adapt to specific business needs, e.g. isolated versions of Whisbi so that you can have a complete control over your service, as the private cloud resources are not shared with other customers. 

In addition, this option enhances the performance of your service even if you scale your project and connect a high volume of agents to your Whisbi service.

If you’re interested to know more about these updates, please get in touch with us! Contact your Customer Success Manager or talk to us directly

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Check out our new Q1 Product Roadmap to see what is on the way. Stay tuned!

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