Whisbi Product Update: Introducing Sell Lite for Android & iOS and the new video activation button

Technology is changing fast. That’s why Whisbi is your perfect technology provider for high-end solutions that fit perfectly in the era of digital transformation. We’ve released some powerful updates to make our product even better at helping you boost your sales!

What’s new with Whisbi Sell

Flexible. Mobile. Efficient. Sell Lite for iOS and Android
Your sales agents can now call customers using their own mobile line – directly from the Whisbi app! This new development is now available on Android and iOS devices. The Whisbi Sell solution enables your online customers to have real-time conversations with your sales agents every time they visit your website. The app focuses on mobility and stability so that agents can drive sales conversations while working from anywhere: a retail shop, a car dealership, or even from home. Read more here.

Improved Agent App on Android
Engage with customers in real-time by sharing your camera, website and showroom – this brings the human touch to a virtual experience. We’ve integrated one-touch handling of incoming and scheduled calls, so you’re always available to answer the call without a hassle. Also, we’ve implemented management tools to capture results and lead data, which gives you key insights and helps you accelerate your workflow. Read more here.

Telephony Compliance for our North American customers
Whisbi is fully compliant with the new North America law, combating spoofed robocalls with callerID authentication. Caller ID authentication technology allows consumers and law enforcement alike to more readily identify the source of illegal robocalls and reduce their frequency and impact protecting Americans from scams!

The STIR/SHAKEN framework, an industry-standard caller ID authentication technology, is a set of technical standards and protocols that allow for the authentication and verification of caller ID information for calls carried over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

This law’s objective is to reduce the unwanted outbound calls to consumers and will help sales reps using Whisbi achieve a much higher contact rate, when responding to customer call requests.

This technology is only available in the US and Canada, so we can only offer this functionality in these countries. Read more here.

What’s new with Whisbi Guide

Enhanced widget loading performance
You’ve asked, we’ve delivered! The widget is the first and essential touchpoint for any Whisbi experience, hence the visitor needs to see the widget quickly. Google studies show that ”53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.”

By improving the widget loading performance for our Engage and sell solutions we positively impact the organic search results. What does this mean? The code of the widget has been optimized to reduce its weight and improve the loading performance – which helps you smoothly navigate through the widget. Read more here.

Updated accessibilities requirements for an improved experience
We’ve implemented WCAG requirements, this implies that we are now able to help people with visual disabilities to perform the same actions online as any other visitor that enters the website. For customers who request it, color contrast can be customized with their branding guidelines to help people recognize the different elements in our solution. Read more here.

What’s new with Whisbi Engage

Handle errors easily from now on
With our improved error handling update, you will be able to see specific error messages in-app that tell you what to do in case of an error. This way, your camera operators, presenters and moderators can follow the instructions, fix the error and continue streaming without any trouble. Read more here.

New video activation button
Attract more people to join your live broadcast with our new video activation button! Make your visitors aware of live streaming events on your site and capture their attention with a live preview of the stream. This development drastically increases your click-through-rates and gets more viewers into your livestreams! Read more here.

Live Video Shopping
Engage with your customers in real-time and increase your sales through interactive shoppable live streams. Whisbi Engage now has a new live video shopping feature that inspires, educates and entertains customers in a format that brings the in-store experience online.

Using IBM Watson technology, we can connect our chatbot with your e-Commerce catalogue and show the products you want to promote during the live stream. Give your products the spotlight they deserve and showcase them within this new booming channel! Learn more here.

If you’re interested to know more about these updates, please get in touch with us! Contact your Customer Success Manager or talk to us directly.

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