Whisbi Product Update: Introducing Closed Captions, Transfer Calls + more features you should know about

We’re entering the last quarter of 2021 and we are fully focused on giving our clients the best user experience possible. This is why we’ve been working on developing new features and capabilities that you requested! We expect that these new additions will help you grow your revenue and increase your sales even further!

What’s new with Whisbi Sell

Keep track of agent’s inactivity
Updates have been released to help team leaders keep track of their agents status, as in: who’s online or offline in the Whisbi deck, as well as a notification for the agents on the UI before they are automatically logged out, and other improvements. Read more here.

Receive inbound chats
Customers don’t always want to share their phone number before first getting answers to all their questions. From now on they can start a session with you by chat, and your agents can still use all the Whisbi functionalities to convert a chat session into a sale. Read more here.

Transfer calls without a hassle
Whisbi’s Agent interface allows you to transfer a call with a customer to another agent. This is helpful when another agent is more specialised in a certain topic or product and can better help the customer. Read more here.

What’s new with Whisbi Engage

Share video content
Share content with your audience in real-time! You now have the ability to upload videos and share them during a broadcast session from any iOS device! This means more streaming hours, less effort! Read more here.

Closed captions
When audio can’t be heard, closed captions are very useful and can help your audience to still engage with your brand. Closed captions support English voice & text and are now available for all broadcasts from an iOS device.

Increase conversion rates with Cart Integration
Brands who want to give their visitors the ability to select a product while they are watching the live stream and redirect them directly to the shopping cart can now use the cart integration option!

Introducing Whisbi Boost

With the Whisbi Boost AI engine, powered by Now Interact’s machine learning algorithms we can boost your assisted sales with a sales uplift of more than 10% just by optimizing your existing resources. Understand visitor behaviour on your site to be able to predict their expected conversion potential.

Whisbi help you find unexpected revenue potential! Check out these 5 combinable use cases to learn more:

  1. Capture all appropriate traffic – incremental volume: Target pools of web visitors with high probability of purchase that are currently not being exposed to the Whisbi experience.
  2. Improve quality of leads: Do not expose the Whisbi experience to users who are not likely to convert. This improves your conversion rates as it only delivers ready-to-buy sales leads to your agents.
  3. Decrease drop-off and friction points in the customer journey: Offer the Whisbi experience to users who are at key friction points on the website.
  4. Avoid cannibalisation of other online sales channels: Do not disturb visitors who are highly likely to convert on their own through your e-commerce platform or other self-service channels. 
  5. Improve your online sales conversion rates: Providing lead qualification information to your sales agents in real-time; directly related to their propensity to purchase.

In our recent Trend Report we’re talking about e-Commerce trends of 2021 and important statistics you should keep in mind – Live Video Shopping is definitely one of them. Give your products the spotlight they deserve and showcase them within this new booming channel! Download your free copy here.

If you’re interested to know more about these updates, please get in touch with us! Contact your Customer Success Manager or talk to us directly.

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