Whisbi Product Update: Improved Whisbi Agent experience and more engaging Live Broadcasts

The first quarter of 2021 has flown by. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on many new developments regarding the Whisbi Agent and improving the user experience while broadcasting with Whisbi Engage. Now it’s time to share them with you. Take a look!

Provide more focus to your broadcast with the blurred background option

The purpose of a live broadcast is to engage and interact with your audience in real-time. To give more focus to the live stream presenter, we developed the option of a blurred background to increase the screen size for the viewer. Make sure you turn on this feature in your app settings! Read more here.

Stay available for your audience with mobile notifications

Whisbi Agents will now receive a notification when they get disconnected due to inactivity. The push notification is sent to the agent’s mobile device to remind them to open the Agent by Whisbi app and reconnect to stay available for your customers. Read more here.

Manage users with our improved Whisbi Deck

Within Whisbi Deck we’ve created multiple options to add users, teams or remove them without a hassle. We improved the experience to manage your users and make your workflow even easier. You can now filter by role, edit existing users, and effortlessly manage your team. Check all the new and improved features here:

  • As a Whisbi administrator, you can manage the users that can access Whisbi. You can choose between these three roles:
    – Agent: access Whisbi Desktop to handle video calls and chat requests
    – Analyst: access Whisbi Deck to see the usage of graphs and reports
    – Administrator: access Whisbi Deck to see the usage of graphs, reports and edit the service configuration. Read more here.
  • Easily add users in Whisbi Deck: see for yourself which steps you can take here.
  • To edit a user, simply go to Whisbi Deck and click on the top right corner. More details are available here.
  • If you want to delete a user, you can manage your users in Whisbi Deck. With a few steps, you will be able to remove a user. Read more about this topic here.
  • Your agents are always grouped into Teams. You are able to edit your teams in Whisbi Deck. Here you’ll find a list of teams with the round avatar of all of your agents assigned to it. For more information click here.
  • If you want to add a team member or remove one, you can easily edit them in Whisbi Deck. See which steps you can take here.

Improved Agent Chrome and Agent by Whisbi app synchronization

Last but not least, we made it possible to switch from one device to another at any time during a Whisbi session. Chrome Agent and mobile Agent are fully synchronised. This way, you can receive a request in Agent Chrome, present the Showroom in the Agent by Whisbi mobile app, and set the results of your session on any device. Read more here.

If you’re interested to know more about these updates, please get in touch with us! Contact your Customer Success Manager or talk to us directly

Coming up… Accessible live streaming with closed captions

By implementing closed captions into your live stream, you can always access the live broadcast. This integration allows you to read captions when audio can’t be heard. In the Broadcast by Whisbi iOS app, we integrated speech-to-text technology to add text on top of the video. When you’re watching the broadcast, you’ll be able to turn closed captions on or off. This feature will be available soon, stay tuned!

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