Whisbi Product Update: Here’s What’s New From 2019

It’s Been a While, But We’ve Been Busy!

We’ve been busy these past few months! Our product team has been hard at work, bringing you new product enhancements to help you sell more and better online. Here’s what you need to know.


Conversational Sales Convertor  POWERED BY WATSON 

Forget lead forms! Classify, qualify and distribute online leads in real-time with conversations!

Our new Conversational Sales Convertor captures leads on your website 24/7, increasing your unassisted sales! Your web visitors can buy products online or request a test drive at the nearest dealership completely unassisted. In case they need help, our technology can also connect them to your sales agents in real time, or they can book a callback at a time that suits them best!


Google Analytics integration

Bring your customer journey insights into everyone’s favourite analytics platform.

TheConversational Sales Convertor integration with Google Analytics allows you to track the entire customer journey; from impressions & clicks all the way to requests & leads!


Salesforce integration

Get your qualified leads directly into the world’s best CRM!

TheConversational Sales Convertor integration with Salesforce means you can now streamline your lead management workflow. It’s simple really, all the leads generated through Whisbi automatically sync with Salesforce and update in real time.

Whisbi Insights BETA

Measure, collect & analyse better your customer’s behavior

Several months ago we secretly started rewriting our backend codebase, migrating from our existing analytics platform the Whisbi Deck to a brand new data studio now called the Whisbi Insights. This new product update, which is still in BETA version will include some sought after new features, like the Chatbot Analytics. Whisbi Insights is way faster, responsive, and will soon be fully customizable. 


Whisbi Showroom

You asked for it – you got it! One-click camera switching is here.

One-click camera switching and camera renaming makes life easier when you change your showroom and content.


Whisbi Voice BETA

Save on telephony cost as your agents can now receive Whisbi calls via VoIP!

Forget about high telephony costs! Whisbi Voice for Android now lets agents receive VoIP (Voice over IP) calls using the internet instead of expensive phone lines.

Detecting real phone numbers

Our hybrid lead capture automatically detects fake phone numbers & saves you time!

We know how important it is for your sales team to be as efficient as possible. We don’t want them to waste their time with fake phone numbers, so we’ve added a new input field that automatically detects the country code & validates it’s a real one.


Net promoter score (NPS)

Put your customer feedback to work and create a better customer experience!

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a standard measure of customer experience, and at Whisbi we help you to understand how you improve your conversational engagements. All Whisbi conversations with a sales agent conclude an NPS survey, and the latest version of the Whisbi Deck reports the results on a daily basis.



Don’t lose those hard earned sales opportunities! Our new SMS API is a cost efficient method that helps you to keep leads hot and activated.

You are now able to use our SMS API to trigger SMS reminders for callbacks. Instead of using standard periodic callbacks that can be annoying, expensive and legally problematic, our SMS call back system keeps leads hot by sending a single configurable SMS.


Voicemail detection

We’re all about reducing average handling time!

Whisbi’s voicemail detection is an easily configurable call center feature that positively impacts conversion performance. It uses automatic message detection (AMD) to skip voicemail calls before they reach an agent, so that agents can concentrate on converting calls with real customers.


Improved PIN codes 

No more misunderstandings and awkward spelling competitions.

The Whisbi PIN codes have been improved to avoid misunderstandings. We will no longer be displaying some hard to understand characters like O,0,L,l to improve the agent & customer experience when starting a Whisbi session by using the PIN code.

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