Whisbi Product Update: Best Whisbi features of 2021

The end of 2021 is coming closer and closer! We hope you’ve enjoyed everything new at Whisbi this past year, and if you might have missed something, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the best product updates of 2021.

The best of Whisbi Engage

1. Share video content in real-time
Your sales agents can now call customers using their own mobile line – directly from the Whisbi app! This new Share content with your audience in real-time! You have the ability to upload videos and share them during a broadcast session from any iOS device. This means more streaming hours, less effort! Find out more.

2. Closed captions available on broadcasts for iOS and Android
Engage with customers in real-time by sharing your camera, website and showroom – this brings the human touch When audio can’t be heard, closed captions are very useful and can help your audience to still engage with your brand. Closed captions support English voice & text and are available for all broadcasts from any iOS or Android devices. Read more here.

3. New video activation button
Attract more people to join your live broadcast with our new video activation button! Make your visitors aware of live streaming events (or any video you’re streaming at the time through our new Share Content feature) on your site and capture their attention with a live preview of the stream. This development drastically increases your click-through-rates and gets more viewers into your livestreams! Find out more.

4. Broadcast by Whisbi & Whisbi Agent available on Android
The Broadcast app is also available on Android. In version 2.0 we rebuilt the foundations of the Android app to match the stability, scalability and reliability of the Broadcast by Whisbi iOS app. Besides that, Whisbi Agent is available on Android. The app focuses on mobility and stability so that agents can drive sales conversation while working from home, a retail shop, or a car dealership. Read more.

The best of Whisbi Sell

5. Be more flexible, mobile & efficient with Sell Lite
You’ve asked, we’ve delivered! The widget is the first and essential touchpoint for any Whisbi experience, hence the Your sales agents can call customers using their own mobile line – directly from the Whisbi app! This new development is available on Android and iOS devices. The Whisbi Sell solution enables your online customers to have real-time conversations with your sales agents every time they visit your website. The app focuses on mobility and stability so that agents can drive sales conversations while working from anywhere: a retail shop, a car dealership, or even from home. Check it out.

6. Virtual Call feature for assisted selling
We’ve implemented WCAG requirements, this implies that we are now able to help people with visual disabilities to Besides offering the conventional phone systems connection, Whisbi now offers a modern communication technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Remove barriers for web visitors and allow them to contact your brand without having to provide any personal information nor pay extra call charges! Read more here.

7. Visitor intelligence to capture every lead with Whisbi Boost
Predict the likelihood of any given website visitor to convert with our brand new AI engine, powered by NowInteract’s machine-learning algorithm! Whisbi Boost helps you understand your web visitors’ behaviour and boost your assisted sales with a sales uplift of more than 10%! Find out more.

What’s coming in 2022?

In 2022 we’ll be actively working on bringing the best engagement features to our brands, but also entertainment value and media tech to reinvent the customer experience for the new generations of online stores and customer care experiences.

We are also always thinking about empowering our existing and future brands with smarter and more advanced tools for analytics, performance data and control over their Whisbi solutions!

If you’re interested to know more about these updates, please get in touch with us! Contact your Customer Success Manager or talk to us directly. We’ll see you in 2022!

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