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A great show needs work behind the scenes

In today’s world, you can’t set up for success without data-driven reporting and predictive analysis. Whisbi Backstage is a new tool to understand your audience, track, and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. This means you can see in detail how well your campaigns are performing, which empowers you to optimize them accordingly.

What makes Backstage stand out from the crowd

Advanced analytics

Analytics to track how well your campaigns are doing and produce reports for your important KPIs. It’s not just analytics, but Backstage gives out information on what each configuration is and how to manage it.


Optimize your performance with the setup that fits your needs best. Backstage provides you with all the power that’s needed to configure and customize your solution – like Whisbi Agent, the Conversation Builder and Adspaces. That means adjusting the agent interface, your team, service configuration, the reporting section, and so much more.


Custom intelligence

Backstage is personalized for you. You get to choose who sees what in your customized reports, track you campaign performances to excellarate – you’re in full control.

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