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Agent by Whisbi is an easy-to-use sales app to qualify leads and convert them into customers.

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Connect your sales experts with hot online leads in real time

Ensure real people in real time can respond to customer interest & convert leads into customers. Agent by Whisbi iOS app allows for greater operational efficiency and an improved buying experience for the customer which leads to an increase in conversion rates.

Digitalize your sales journey & bring the in-store experience online





Consumer Electronics

Why route conversations from your online channels to a physical retail store

Operational Efficiency

Use retail agents that are not currently servicing clients in stores to answer online client requests.

Increase Conversion Rates

Our data shows that retail sales reps convert at higher rates than call centre agents.

Improve Customer Experience

Video call with ability to share product video and agent screens make for better CX and further improve conversion rates.

Increase resilience

Shops are smaller units and not likely to be closed down by one cause unlike big call centers, and are therefore a great fallback.

Increase Flexibility

Use your retails agents for overflow traffic or specific lead sources and offer them the best customer experience.

Improve mobility & stability

Agents can drive sales conversation while working from home, a retail shop or a car dealership.

How worlds’ leading brands bring the in-store experience online & sell more

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