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Our Virtual Selling solution offers a blend of digital and remote interactions directly from your website to help you sell more!

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Offer virtual guidance on your products and services

Selling any product or service is made so much easier through our virtual selling solutions. Engage with your audience & enable real-time conversations with your brand experts.

It offers your audience the convenience of receiving complementary content that enhances your products & services and helps you to showcase every aspect of your offers while providing answers to their questions in real-time!

Whisbi is the one platform that provides all Virtual Selling solutions for enterprises

Widen your funnel with One-to-Many video broadcast and connect hot online leads with your sales experts in real-time with our One-to-One selling.

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Achieve incredible results

5:1 Return on investment
10x More likely to buy
26% Increase in upselling
5x Increase in sales

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to accelerate online revenue

Increase your online conversion rates with unassisted sales

Offer a more engaging shopping experience to your online customers with Whisbi Engage and increase your online conversion rates

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Boost your online revenue with assisted sales

Whisbi helps you identify ready to buy web visitors that are not entering in your unassisted channels & improves your conversion rates as it only delivers ready-to-buy sales leads to your agents!

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Increase inbound sales with real-time lead distribution

Connect your ready-to-buy web visitors to your experts in real-time and see your conversion rates and revenue sky-rocket!

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Deliver bigger volume and higher quality leads for your business

Increase your lead volume & quality by applying the perfect mix of assisted and unassisted sales channels on your website with the help of Whisbi’s Live Commerce platform!

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Improve your buying experience and boost NPS

Better online customer experience and real time support during the buying journey delivers a higher conversion rate and an increase in sales.

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Enhance your online customer experience & improve operational efficiency

Real time support during the online buying journey not only delivers a higher conversion rate and an increase in sales, but also improves your operational efficiency.

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Digitize your sales journey & improve your online customer experience

A quick-start guide to Virtual Selling

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