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Virtual Call now available on Whisbi Sell

Besides offering the conventional phone systems connection, Whisbi now offers a modern communication technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


This cloud-based technology has revolutionized the communication infrastructure and allows your customers to call your sales agents using only wifi or mobile data connection.

Whisbi Virtual Call is different!

Connected to your existing telephony

Whisbi will connect the VoIP call with your existing telephony infrastructure seamlessly.

Globally compliant and secure

It’s easily deployable in countries where standard telephony on the customer side is highly regulated or unreliable.

Always a stellar experience

Whisbi Virtual Call option only shows when our algorithm detects that the internet connection on the customer side is fast enough to deliver a good customer experience.

Whisbi vs. traditional sales channels











What does the new customer journey
look like when using VoIP?

When requesting to connect, the customers will see the Virtual Call option in the Whisbi Sell interface

Once an agent is found the customer will be able to accept or drop the Virtual Call

Once the customer accepts the call the user flow will be the standard Whisbi Sell experience

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