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How the world’s biggest technology firm achieved 5X increase in sales for broadcast viewers

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The biggest challenge for this electronics manufacturer – like many others – was how to connect with their customers online. Although the brand already implemented live broadcasting in 2019, they found it especially useful during the lock-down period last year. The customers couldn’t simply walk into one of their stores and ask an expert for advice. The company didn’t want to limit themselves to offline experiences, but be there for their customers whenever they needed assistance. ‘Always stay connected to your audience’ – that was the ultimate goal and also the challenge. This brand has national websites for every country they’re operating in, and customers get automatically redirected to the relevant one, based on their region.


The solution to their challenge was ‘easy’: streaming, streaming, and even more streaming. This multinational company is broadcasting daily from 9 am to 8 pm – that’s how they continuously bring the in-store environment to their customers. The audience can ask questions about the products they are interested in and the presenters will advise them, just like they would do in-store. Whisbi’s Engage solution helped to drastically improve the customer experience and engagement.

The brand put a lot of marketing work behind the broadcasting sessions: they’ve created dedicated landing pages, made a virtual representation of the store to promote that they’re live streaming, and set up discount codes to drive sales during the live streams. Their streaming sessions are also mirrored on the websites of their business partners and resellers. This way, they can gain a bigger audience and drive more qualified leads towards sales.


The brand was happy to see that by implementing live streaming from their website into their marketing and sales strategy, the number of engaged customers went up immediately. The brand introduced a daily schedule for when the broadcasts started, so customers could block their calendars. This resulted in potential buyers with a serious interest in their products – they tripled the number of participants and viewers spent 3x longer watching the brand’s broadcasts. Engaged viewers asked many relevant questions, which resulted in a higher percentage of web visitors converting into customers.

During the pre-sale of their new flagship model, the company introduced unique discount codes through their live streaming sessions. As much as 76% of generated discount codes have been redeemed after or during these sessions. The interest exceeded the company’s expectations, which indicates the power of live streaming solutions like Whisbi Engage

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