How MediaMarkt improved their omnichannel customer experience and boosted their bottom line


Most retailers have been putting all their energy and resources into building perfect websites and e-commerce platforms, focusing mainly on the acquisition. The result? The Internet is full of highly optimized e-commerce and retail sites that are great, as long as you know what you’re looking for.

Because the customer buying behavior has evolved, due to the explosion of online channels available, retailers have to move fast and adapt to their highly digitized, well-informed customers.

MediaMarkt have realized that by engaging with their customers throughout the journey, rather than just at the point of purchase, they would be able to add value beyond their major competitors and also form meaningful relationships with this new generation of customers. The brand decided to use Whisbi’s Conversational Marketing platform to connect their online customers to sales reps inside their physicals stores and offer a more omnichannel customer experience to their customers online.

“Properly implemented technology designed and aligned to customer needs can lead to an improved omnichannel customer experience and boost a retailer’s bottom line.” Centric Digital

The brand’s main challenges are clearly linked to how e-commerce and retail industry has to adapt in line with changing online customer behavior:

• Increase their online sales conversion rate and boost live engagement

• Improve convenience for their clients, by offering them a Face-to-Face experience online

• Improve their NPS score by providing exceptional online customer experience;

• Differentiate through this service and get ahead of their competitors



As mentioned earlier, MediaMarkt identified that the customer behavior is changing rapidly and decided to leverage on their brick-and-mortar stores, to help transform their e-commerce experience. Although most customers now use search online for product information, best prices, and comparable and/or complementary products, they still prefer purchasing most products in-store.

By helping the customer during their research phase, the brand is building a tremendous amount of relevance and trust – both of which are highly influential persuasion triggers.

Andy Muñoz Quiros, Ecommerce Director

Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform enables MediaMarkt customers to speak to a real person while browsing the brand’s website. The brand has embedded the Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform on their website on the web pages for home appliances and TV/Electronics in order to share a real store experience 100% online. Once the customer requests to connect with an agent, the session starts automatically in just a few seconds. The agent speaks to the customer via phone call and can co-browse the web and show the products through the live video – all at the same time.



By connecting their online customers with in-store experts in real-time, they are able to re-utilize the huge investment they’ve made in developing their physical stores and salespeople and use it to generate more sales. In fact, the brand was able to manage over 5000 online leads through Whisbi in 2017! The click-through-rate and requests for calls progressed positively through the year and the average conversion rate was astonishing 47%!

What is more, there were able to achieve these results with only one agent connecting to One-to-One sessions from one MediaMarkt store.

Their customers love this solution as it offers them convenience and speed when researching products or buying online. It does not come as a surprise that the Customer Satisfaction rate for the One-to-One sessions is 93%.

This innovative engagement solution allows the brand not only to establish themselves as a relevant company early in the customer journey but also to build relationships with a growing and powerful audience of online shoppers.

MediaMarkt in numbers







About MediaMarkt

Media Markt is a German multinational chain of stores and Europe’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, with numerous branches throughout Europe and Asia.

“Thanks to Whisbi we have brought our offline expertise to our online customers, giving them the possibility to visit our shops without leaving their home, only with one click.”

Andy Muñoz Quiros,
Ecommerce Director

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