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Mazda Mexico achieves +30% online conversion rate by improving their customer experience & driving the dealers network engagement


Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile brand which have managed to capture the interest of the market for vehicles all over the world, including Mexico.

With 60 dealers in Mexico and a competitive market consisting of other manufacturers, Mazda was looking for increasing the volume of online leads sent to their dealerships network. The brand wanted to engage their dealers network in a way that would increase conversions to real car sales and consequently reduce cost.



Mazda Mexico decided to partner with Whisbi and implement our Guide and Sell solutions.

The Whisbi Guide is a conversational form that transforms your existing sales workflows into conversations that qualify and convert. Mazda Mexico’s web visitors are able to pick a car model they are interested in and arrange for a test drive at their local dealership completely unassisted, 24/7 on the brand’s website. These leads are then being distributed to the selected dealer, through Mazda’s CRM integration with Whisbi’s system.

If the customer is not sure about which model to choose at this point, the guided conversational flow gives them an option to connect to one of Mazda’s product experts (agents) in real time, using the Whisbi Sell solution. Whisbi-powered Conversational Agents have a user-friendly interface which increases their performance. With tools like web-sharing, live messaging, live video & file transfer, the agents improve the user experience and are proven to close more deals, compared to channels like phone, form or just a chat.




Mazda Mexico has seen great success with Whisbi’s Live Engagement Platform.

Here are the brand’s results for the month of August 2020:

• Over 2500 qualified leads sent to dealerships

• + 30% conversion rate from Whisbi leads to pre-qualified sales leads sent to dealerships*

• 93% of all pre-qualified sales leads were generated unassisted

• Only 800 impressions needed to generate one pre-qualified lead for dealerships**

*Whisbi lead = a web visitor that has successfully connected to a session with a Mazda agent
**Impressions refer to the no. of times the Whisbi widget appears on the website

It is safe to say that these are incredible results for a car brand to achieve in just one month of introducing this new technology on their website. It has definitely improved their customer experience as well as improved the engagement of the dealers network, which has resulted in increased conversion rates and more cars sold!


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About Mazda México

Including Whisbi, as part of our digital sales journey, has brought us the chance to give our clients a virtual and personalized guidance, in a user-friendly, “at home”, process.
Most of our clients are excited when our digital salesman turns the camera on and shows himself and the car of their preference and answers the questions they have about it, they can´t wait to have a test drive and the chance to own a Mazda!

Marisa Oviedo,
Digital Sales Manager, Mazda MX

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