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How one of the biggest retailers in Spain increased their conversion rate by 50%


This big retail brand is a leading company in the sale of sleep equipment in Spain. With 25 years of market experience, this company is a leader in innovation through its concern for the study of sleep, it is the only company with a “Cátedra del Sueño” established together with the University of Granada.

For more than a year, we have been working with this retail brand.

The project began by helping the agents from the company’s Contact Center to schedule home visits through their commercial agencies. The experience was built so that customers could see their products located in a showroom and later on the commercial agencies visit customers at home, to advise them on the purchase of their products.

In recent months, the COVID-19 crisis has led them to redefine their sales model. Their model was traditionally supported on the following pillars:

The latest market situation due to the latent COVID-19 crisis led one of the biggest retailers in Spain to strategically rethink their sales model – mainly due to the impossibility of face-to-face sales in customer homes, and the tightening of financing conditions, due to the uncertainty generated.



In order to adapt to the new circumstances, they changed their business model. For this, the following decisions were made:

For this new change, the brand relied on Whisbi having the aim of reinventing itself and adapting to the digital changes that this health crisis has brought upon us.

They included our widget in all the pages of their website, even in the shopping cart, in order to sell products online through agents who work from home. We worked on a CRM integration so that they could see the leads in their own systems, in order to be able to analyze the type of clients they were attracting on the website.




The UX is thought out as follows:

When a customer accesses the web page, they can see a bubble button on the lower right side. The customer begins to interact with a chatbot that filters the customer’s needs by segmenting if they are a potential buyer or if they just want information about a product already purchased. 

The following KPI’s were achieved:

“They have contacted us immediately and not the next day, in which you as a customer are not available anyway”

“The kindness, the simplicity of the explanation and the treatment received”

“Very good service, very clear when offering the product and above all very kind… Thank you very much.”

Success in numbers







About the brand

This brand belongs to the Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce, which brings together businesses and organizations invested in the development of e-commerce and the defense of their interests.


”Bringing together the immediacy of service that the Online world requires, with the advice and proximity of Retail, can only be achieved through virtualization tools such as Whisbi. The results of our collaboration are very positive, and we understand that this is the beginning of everything that we still can still build together.”

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