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How Mexico’s Hyundai Live project achieved 3:1 ROI with live video engagement & conversational sales

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Hyundai Live is a service created by automotive giant Hyundai globally, that helps customers have a safer and more comfortable digital shopping experience, according to the needs of the “new normal”. Hyundai Live promotes a new way of offering and selling Hyundai car models to the public, in a totally digital environment, where anyone can learn about Hyundai’s range of models from a uniquely interactive showroom.

Hyundai Mexico’s digital transformation started way before COVID-19 forced the automotive industry & the whole world to go digital. They started using solutions like Broadcast by Whisbi in 2018, so when the pandemic hit in 2020, their innovative customer experience allowed them to delight their digital-savvy audience, as well as the more ‘traditional’ customers, that turned to online shopping during COVID-19.

While some car manufacturers are recognising this shift towards convenience, many still focus heavily on their product performance against their market rivals. While this is likely to be useful for a large section of their consumer base, Hyundai knows that the ease of purchase will likely affect the buying decision more and more. The brand took note of how consumers want to shop, how they want to interact online and make the experience as easy as possible. The goal was to create a smooth buying process coupled with a good product that would allow for a significant gain in the market.

Hyundai wanted to capture new car buyers’ attention online, early in their research process and be able to show their new cars on their website in an engaging and interactive way. The brand also wanted to answer all the questions that buyers might have in real time and use their website as a lead generation tool for their dealerships.



We’ve integrated Whisbi Sell into the Whisbi Engage solution, allowing them to offer personalized experiences to clients that already watched a live broadcast. Hyundai Mexico set up a small showroom space in one of their dealerships with 2 presenters broadcasting live from Monday to Friday, from 10AM to 1PM and from 2PM to 6PM, using just a tablet. This is an integral part of the marketing efforts, being a cornerstone for the two car launches of the year: Grand i10 and Creta.

The web visitors can join these live One-to-Many sessions on Hyundai’s website by clicking on the engaging call-to-action button and introducing their name/nickname. They can watch the broadcast and get familiar with the new Hyundai car models and ask questions via the messaging function. The presenters then answer these questions in real-time through the live video broadcast.

Fig. 1 – Hyundai Live Tour experience

The huge success of the broadcasts is greatly due to the fact that presenters express themselves in a very simple, relatable way. They do not use technicalities, but rather are empathetic to the experience of the users, emulating the approachability found in physical dealerships. 

Experts who speak to those who are not experts


From Engagement to Sales

This live engagement strategy proved to have a massive impact on actual sales. This is due to the fact that during a broadcast, a customer that is interested can request and get in touch instantly with a Hyundai sales expert.

By creating a unique, personalized experience for their customers, Hyundai Mexico allows clients to be the ones who decide what information they want and need about the models from the comfort of their homes. Integrating both the Whisbi Sell and the Whisbi Engage solution has allowed Hyundai Mexico to provide the customer with a complete experience, as one would have in a physical dealership. 

This results in bringing more informed customers to the authorized Hyundai Mexico dealers, customers that are ready to buy! 



We analysed Hyundai results and it is evident that the brand has achieved great results:

• 461% increase in leads generated from Hyundai Live compared to last year

• +11.000 questions from clients

• 8.515 leads, which is +217% more than last year

• 123.08% growth in requests for a private session during the Live Broadcast compared to last year

• 3:1 ROI

• +115 related sales, which is +447% more than last year

Considering that Whisbi One-to-Many is a customer engagement solution made for building brand awareness and widening the top of the funnel and was not built as a lead generation or a sales solution, these results have surpassed all of Hyundai’s expectations and set a new standard for new car launches in the automotive industry globally.

Download our full success story to get in detailed info on how Hyundai is boosting online sales with the Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform.

Hyundai in numbers











About Hyundai MX

The Hyundai Motor Company, commonly known as Hyundai Motors, is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. The company was founded in 1967 and, along with its 32.8% owned subsidiary, Kia Motors, and it’s 100% owned luxury subsidiary Genesis Motor, altogether comprise the Hyundai Motor Group. It is the third-largest vehicle manufacturer in the world and opened its subsidiary in Mexico in 2014.


”The automotive world has been in constant activity, but as a result of COVID19, we experienced a revolution that has evolved and moved us to a new digital ecosystem. This pandemic reaffirmed that the on and off communication as we knew it no longer exists. Now, these two channels coexist all the time in this accelerated revolution.

If we want to continue relevant in the market, we must stop thinking about isolated executions; we must develop 360 marketing strategies, this integral marketing that makes us present with our clients all the time.”


Salvador Jordán Rosiquez,
Head of Marketing and PR, Hyundai México

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