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How Hyundai Bahrain shortened their lead response time to 24 hours & is converting 57% of leads into real car sales with Whisbi!


Due to the pandemic, Hyundai faced a huge drop in showroom foot traffic and therefore also in car sales. Bahrain had several lockdowns and restrictions of physical activities, which is why customers couldn’t enter the showroom. They needed to find a creative, seamless solution, as test drives and sales figures were highly affected by the situation. Hyundai couldn’t communicate their offers and promotions through their traditional communication channels, as customers behavior has changed: shopping online is the new normal. Hyundai needed to adapt their business strategy to fulfil the needs of their customers.



Hyundai Bahrain implemented Whisbi Sell (Lite) and Whisbi Engage to provide their customers with direct communication through a safe and convenient way. They started live streaming and answered any questions customers might have in real-time. Also, they were able to demonstrate the newest features, multiple car options and share their showroom via Whisbi’s solution. This way, they’ve managed to generate more leads through the website to overcome the shortage in showroom traffic. A win-win situation! 

The best thing about Whisbi’s latest solution, Whisbi Sell Lite, is that it’s super flexible, mobile, and efficient. Sales agents can now call customers using their own mobile line, directly from the Whisbi app. It enables online customers to have real-time conversations with sales agents every time they visit the website. The app focuses on mobility and stability so that agents can drive sales conversations while working from anywhere, like Hyundai’s car dealership. 

Presenters were able to attend more live calls and requests, when Hyundai introduced Whisbi Sell Lite. They’ve also improved the customer experience by dedicating one sales agent to the Whisbi platform – while offering the full Whisbi experience. Last but not least, the car brand wanted to attract customers from all over the kingdom of Bahrain, so they could increase the footprint of Hyundai within the country. They’ve definitely transformed their website into a lead generation tool for their dealership!

Hyundai Bahrain


We analysed Hyundai results and it is evident that the brand has achieved great results:

Hyundai in numbers

24 hours








About Hyundai Bahrain

Hyundai Bahrain is the official dealer and distributor for Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles. They’ve established themselves as one of the key players in the automotive sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Hyundai Bahrain continues to grow year on year through the management’s focus on improved customer experience and satisfaction.

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