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How a USA Telecommunications Multinational increased their Online Conversion Rate by 161% and achieved 4x higher ROI


Customer engagement solutions are changing the landscape for digital sales in Telecommunications. Enabling personalized, interactive and conversational marketing, customer engagement solutions are a revolutionary way to market and sell successfully via digital channels.

Customer engagement is a result of superior customer service and a well-designed customer experience – Micah Solomon

In past years, this Telco brand struggled to overcome barriers that online customers have in staying digital. Number one thing is that customers want to touch and feel the devices and see them in action (interface, flow, settings, etc.). Customers believe they get a better customer experience from a human/live person who they’re able to see and interact with, so they prefer to visit physical stores. Plans are not as simple as people want them to be (i.e. there are two different types of unlimited plans, there’s a device payment plan, there are trade-in plans options, etc.). The lack of transparency makes people reluctant to shop online.



Whisbi helped the brand by providing conversational technology that powers the Digital Virtual Store (DVS). They had a presenter live on their website, showing and demoing the devices. This way, the customers got closer to traditional face-to-face interactions which they normally would get in the physical stores. 

With Whisbi, their customers had access to quicker and more reliable help online. Customers got a live video experience with a human/live person who they were able to see and interact in real-time, which develops trust and buy-in from the online prospects. The brand also improved online engagement with Live video and was able to better educate online visitors on their products; which shortened the buying cycle.

The Telecommunications brand was able to explain their plans in natural language to an unlimited online audience straight from their website, along with Q&A sessions to answer any questions or address any doubts the web visitors had. Whisbi-powered Digital Virtual Store has been the most successful within the “Plans” section of the website. Plans are not so black and white and Whisbi helped them add the needed colors.



The brand found that by implementing a live video education tool on their website, visitors were engaged for longer and were more likely to convert online rather than visiting a store. Therefore, increasing online conversion and reducing the abandonment rate.

Whisbi has proven to improve online sales for new plans and new devices due to info received via live video chat sessions. Digital Virtual Store continues to show better sales performance through new device and new plan implementations by providing more clarity and support to people online.

The brand has adopted Whisbi’s customer engagement solution and in the process reminded all others Telecom brands that only those who disrupt their own business models will survive the shift towards customer-centric digital innovation and win the customer experience game.

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About the brand

“Choosing a wireless device and committing to a plan with a monthly payment online can be confusing and overwhelming for some customers. By having a live rep available to demonstrate the devices, explain the options, and answer questions directly, it brings a more personal touch to our digital channel. Our brands live broadcast has helped bridge the gap between in-store and digital, giving a customer a retail-like experience without having to make the trip.”

Angela Fertado Caragan
Digital Personalization & Experience Trials Sr Manager

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