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How this telecom brand is building confident purchases with their customers online

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The main challenge for this Telco brand was to interact with their customers digitally, now the shops are closed due to COVID-19. Ultimately this should develop test-and-learn activities to see how they could start bringing together some of the assets of the channels they had. The omnichannel strategy of this brand was about having a seamless experience across all of their channels but appreciating that every channel has its own nuance. The core of this strategy was to build confident purchases with their customers.



The brand integrated the Whisbi Engage solution for live broadcasting. What it does is start to knit together the best online channels of the brand and its physical channels. Only a few other brands in the UK do the same thing, which makes it quite unique. It enables customers to watch a live product broadcast – and not only watch it – interact with it as well. Customers can ask live questions to the presenters, who are able to see those questions coming through and it gives the presenters the power to customize the broadcast based on what the viewers want to see and know.

In a decision-making process, a customer sometimes needs to actually take the next step and speak to somebody to get some advice. What the Whisbi Live Broadcast solution does is exactly that. The way this UK Telco brand measures their performance is through attributable conversion. They take a conversion percentage from the pages that Whisbi appears on and the conversion they have for the web visitors that have watched the live broadcasts. The brand saw that the people who have watched the broadcast were more likely to purchase. That comes from the fact that customers are able to make a more confident purchase by having expert advice from the brand’s presenters and ask questions directly in real-time.

What we’ve done up until now is really impressive and has got the backing of the business and the board. We are moving forward with our Live Platform as our permanent channel and it will be a vital part of our omnichannel strategy

– Head of Omnichannel & Digital First


We analyzed the results from this UK Telco brand from October to December in 2019 and it is evident that the brand continues to achieve incredible results:

UK Telco brand in numbers











About UK Telco brand

“The core of the omnichannel strategy at our company is to build confident purchases with our customers. We have now become a permanent channel within our business as it consistently outperforms the standard pages.”


Head of Omnichannel & Digital First

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