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Successfully increased the number of pre-qualified leads coming through their website


The automotive industry has always been known as a traditional industry that deals with customer requests on a face-to-face basis in a physical dealership. However, this pattern has stopped working long ago when the internet has revolutionized the way customers research products before making a purchase. As everything is happening online nowadays, customers expect brands to be there at all touch points ease their purchase journey. Thus, car buying behavior will have a great impact on auto sales and shift the once traditional industry into a highly digitalized one.

For the car manufacturers, this means that they will need to be available for their customers both on online and offline channels, as customers tend to shift between both.

Over 90% of car buyers are online, they start their purchase journey but researching for car models, getting as informed as possible and narrowing down brands before going to the physical dealership. Moreover, around 67% of car buyers consider alternative brands if the buying process is too difficult.

87% of organisations agree traditional experiences no longer satisfy customers. Read more

Citroën Spain has had a low converting website that was not engaging nor generating pre-qualified leads for the brand. Giving the trend of digitalization in the automotive industry, Citroën Spain was eager to increase their online engagement to generate qualified leads for their dealership network.



Whisbi is a Conversational Marketing platform to capture, qualify and convert leads for enterprises who want to boost online sales.4. In one click Whisbi can connect online visitors to your company representatives in real time via live messaging, a phone call or live broadcasting from a showroom.

Citroën Spain has been using the Whisbi solution since November 2016 and has experienced an increase in their conversion rate thanks to their digital marketing efforts combined with the Whisbi One-to-Many and One-to-One solutions on their website.

Citroën Spain launched the new C3 model in November 2016 with the support of their online showroom powered by Whisbi. The brand has also invested in digital marketing activities to redirect traffic to their C3 model product page where they could join the live sessions and find out more information about the car in real time. Once the users land on the product page, a button with “live now” will appear on the bottom right corner.

The web visitors can click on it and join the live session. No registration or plugins are required! The reps can then show the car model and explain offers via live video to an unlimited number of online customers, by using smartphones cameras or other digital cameras to showcase any detail of the car.

Throughout the live session, a conversational lead capture solution appears for the viewer to redirect the lead to the sales team or to book test drives with the closest dealership and helps maintain engagement throughout the sales funnel. If the viewers want to have a more personalized session, the lead capture solution can redirect them to a One-to-One session with an agent. Through live video, voice, live messaging and web co-browsing the customer and the rep can also jointly elaborate on the product configuration most suited to the customer’s needs or schedule a test drive at a dealership.

Web visitors can enjoy this enhanced experience, which generates a sense of reassurance, trust and truly personal interaction through real-time customer engagement.



The brand saw an increase in the number of leads coming from the live sessions. In total, during that month, 16% of online leads were generated through the Whisbi One-to-Many sessions. The viewers also became more engaged and were typically asking on average, more than 2 questions per session.

In July, Citroën Spain generated more than 200 qualified leads (Whisbi sales) through the combination of One-to-One & One-to Many strategies with just one model.

All in all, since the beginning of their Whisbi journey, Citroën Spain has managed to achieve 58% conversion rate, more than 1.100 high qualified leads (pre-sales)!! To add on, their customer satisfaction rate is at 97%. This comes to show just how powerful is the Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform and the incredible impact it has on the business bottom-line!

Citroën Spain is live with One-to-Many three times a day from Monday to Friday one in the morning and two in the evening for one hour.

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