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How A1 Liveshop achieved an online conversion rate of 24%


The main challenge for A1 Slovenia was creating an advanced and exceptional user experience for all A1 customers. They wanted to simplify their business processes and deliver an exceptional user/shopping experience at their physical and online points of sale.

A1 conducted a customer survey and the results clearly showed that customers wanted to view the devices, compare them and get key information about the specific products before making a purchase decision.

The main goals for the brand were to:



A1 tackled this challenge by upgrading its existing online shopping experience by adding Whisbi Sell – our assisted selling solution. This enabled their online customers to have a one-to-one conversation with the A1 sales staff in real-time while browsing their website! It required agile cooperation of their interdepartmental project team in order to establish a digital virtual store also known as A1 Liveshop. A1 stepped up their game: they trained up their entire sales team, who previously had no experience with public speaking and video communication. A1 wanted to ensure their sales staff can provide an exceptional user experience while prioritizing safety for their customers.

Whisbi A1 Liveshop was especially valuable during the Covid-19 lockdown. The Liveshop was one of the main sales channels, providing an in-store retail experience online. With this new and innovative solution, A1 Slovenia was able to close the gap between online & offline and remove the need for an in-store visit. Customers were able to get that same retail experience on the A1 website.

”I’m positive our A1 Liveshop will become the biggest digital shop in our retail network” – Matjaz Vracko, Residential Sales Director


A1 Slovenia saw great results with Whisbi Sell. Customers rated their satisfaction with shopping through the Whisbi solution with a 9.2 out of 10. In the first month, A1 Liveshop expanded the number of calls by 74% – with 174 calls per day. The brand exceeded their sales targets by 19% and what is more, the customers have a very positive experience with the brand.



These numbers confirmed that A1 Slovenia is on the right track and gave them the drive to further optimize the customers’ shopping experience. Also, the project was recognized as innovative and forward-thinking. That’s why the brand won the prize for ‘Best web project’ and ‘Best innovative project of the future’ in the Websi web champion contest.

A1 Slovenia in numbers







About A1 Slovenia

A1 Slovenia is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group – the leading provider of digital services and communication solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. In line with the digital lifestyle, they provide their customers a converged offer that includes a combination of mobile services, fixed services, and television. At A1 Slovenia we do our best to improve the digital customer experience with our innovations and solutions that help to digitize Slovenia.


Customers can now see our products, have a live conversation with one of our sales representatives, and go through the buying process from their living rooms. We got a lot of positive feedback from our customers and created an amazing NPS rating, so we know we’re on the right track. I’m positive our A1 Liveshop will become the biggest digital shop in our retail network.’’


Matjaž Vračko – Residential Sales Director

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