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How A1 Serbia’s virtual store completely transformed the traditional shopping experience & is achieving +30% conversion rate


A1 Serbia is the youngest mobile operator in Serbia and is already setting new standards in the telecommunication market. Thanks to its state-of-the-art network infrastructure, customers benefit from offers that include a wide range of cutting-edge mobile communication, digital, data, and IT services and solutions.

A1 Serbia is recognized as an innovator and a company that changes the market for the better, creating the best possible user experience in the new digital era. Life in today’s dynamic environment emphasized the need for a more personalized approach and greater comfort when shopping online. Knowing that 90 percent of people get informed about the desired product or service through our website and furthermore, an increasing percentage of them make the purchase decision online, shaped a strategic direction in which A1 Serbia’s sales channels should be developed.



Guided by the belief that technology is here to improve society, A1 has implemented an innovative service that has completely transformed the traditional shopping experience on the Serbian market – in May this year the brand opened the doors to the first virtual store in Serbia, powered by Whisbi. This service is a combination of a classic online shopping experience and a physical store. Users can easily access the virtual store via A1 Serbia’s website and talk to sales assistants, who connect directly from the virtual store, using just a phone.

Having in mind challenges the world faced during the pandemic, A1 showed up as a true partner for its customers, building even more personalized customer relationships, while following the global trends and directions in which society is moving as we look to the future. The crisis was an excellent indicator that the consumers were already ready for this new concept of online shopping, as well as for the integrated digital experience.



People are always keen and curious to try new innovative solutions on the market, but only really valuable ones become part of their everyday lives. That was the case with our virtual store. From day one the customers’ reactions were truly excellent and this trend has persisted. Using the Whisbi solution, we are constantly measuring customer satisfaction through NPS, which is at a consistently high level – over 80! The flexibility of managing the “Whisbi button” through the platform and targeting a certain group of users, allowed us to achieve an excellent ratio of Impressions vs. sales.

• +30% Conversion rate: More than 30% of Whisbi sessions resulted in a sale of one or more products
• +80% NPS – More than 80% of our customer rated our virtual shop with the highest ratings
• Impressions vs. sales – Only 500 impressions of the Whisbi button are needed to generate a sale


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The Whisbi solution provides an excellent opportunity to those aiming for high performance in managing e-commerce sales, to convert customers and close deals by understanding customer journeys on the webshop. Besides, it offers peace of mind in these turbulent days when social distancing is proclaimed and shops are cutting working hours. With Whisbi we know we can overcome these unusual circumstances and still serve our loyal customers.

Goran Stojadinovic,
Director of Residential Sales Sector

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