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A1 Liveshop delivers +40% online conversion rate, providing an in-store retail experience online


The A1 webshop, website and moj.A1 app are in focus as a central hub for all A1 services in Croatia. Especially in the times of  the “new normal”, when customers’ habits are changing and customers started using more digital channels and are also shopping digitally.

A1 offers to their customers a wide range of different contact points, from webshop, moj.A1 app, own physical stores, telesales, to d2d and wholesale. In these omnichannel customer  journeys the biggest challenge for the brand is: How to make A1 customer journey as seamless as possible, while providing them with the same experience, regardless of the channel they choose to interact with our brand when buying products & services or just gathering information about them.



To enable a seamless omnichannel experience for A1 customers, the brand implemented Whisbi A1 Liveshop solution. This solution gave them the opportunity to combine the best experience from offline and online customer journeys in one. 

With Whisbi A1 Liveshop, online customers are able to communicate with the A1 brand representatives in real time. Features like live video from the A1 Liveshop, combined with a one-to-one personalized service delivers a superior customer experience, which is reflected in their outstanding sales results & NPS score. 

Whisbi A1 Liveshop was especially valuable during the Covid-19 lockdown. The Liveshop was one of the main sales channels, providing an in-store retail experience online. With this new and innovative solution A1 Croatia was able to close the gap between online & offline and remove the need for an in-store visit. Customers were able to get that same retail experience on the A1 website.



A1 Croatia saw great results with the Liveshop project. Their NPS ratings were much higher than the scores for other online sales channels, comparable to those they usually see in retail stores. The brand also reported that they saw a 20% increase in cross sells & up-sells, compared to their e-commerce channel. What is more, A1 recorded + 40% conversion rate from online leads to closed sales.

NPS = in store NPS

+40% Conversion rate

20% more upsells and cross sells compared to e-commerce channel

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About A1

A1 Hrvatska is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group – the leading provider of digital services and communication solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. In line with digital lifestyle, we provide our customers a converged offer that includes a combination of mobile services, fixed services and television. At A1 Croatia we do our best to improve the digital customer experience with our innovations and solutions that help to digitize Croatia. 

With the Whisbi A1 Liveshop solution we were able to empower digital life for our customers which is in line with our A1 brand promise. Also, we presented innovative service on Croatian market while providing a seamless personalized customer experience for our customers in the omnichannel world.
Ivan Vučković,
Head of Digital Business

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