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Enable your sales teams to have real time conversations with online customers from any channel or campaign

Central brand website

Place Whisbi on your homepage for greater exposure, offer general help and real time support

Campaign sites

Connect your online leads with product experts for campaigns about specific products or services

Google Adwords ads

Allow your online leads to connect to a sales agent with one click, straight from your online ads

Product comparison websites

Connect with your customers in the online research phase and better explain your value proposition

Email & SMS campaigns

Notify your customer about a new product or service and include a CTA that connects them to a sales agent

Offline campaigns via QR code

Use a QR code in your offline campaigns to connect customers straight to your product experts

Virtual Stores

Powering the world’s most innovative telco brands

Enable your customers to get free advice. Like in the shop – but from the comfort of their own home. A Virtual Store is just like your other physical stores with real sales agents. Except that it’s not.

It’s much more powerful as it enables your sales agents to attend numerous online customers in real time, using conversational tools like real-time video, voice and chat. It’s the latest innovation in digital customer experience.

Practical for new product launches

Launch new products from one location to the entire local, regional or global market. Achieve operational efficiency and brand consistency with video broadcasts from virtual stores.

Leverage the best of digital tech

Power-up your lead generation activities. Send traffic from any online advertising campaign: email, social media, search or SMS, to your virtual store experts.

Virtual visit with real experts

No product or device was ever sold without a conversation. Your brand experts can answer all the questions and walk customers through the products from your online virtual store.

Convenience for the customer

Customers can interact with your brand as though they were in your store and be shown your latest products & devices in real time, from the comfort of their home.

We digitize Austria

“We digitize Austria – that’s our aim and that’s why we wanted to create a new and innovative channel to support our customers while shopping online with competent personal sales consulting nearly anytime or anywhere.”

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Timo Zöller,
Head of Customer Interaction A1 Telekom Austria Group

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