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We help car dealerships sell more online by accelerating the online buying journey

Online agent support

One-to-One assisted selling tools that increase sales

Easy car configuration

Web-sharing for better customer-agent collaboration

Vehicle virtual tours

Live video sharing capability to show the car in detail

Real time price negotiation

Voice call & live agent video replicating face-to-face interactions

Financial pre-qualification

File transfer & chat functions enabling easy information exchange

Data security & privacy

Hosted on AWS. GDPR & CCPA compliant. 99% SLA guaranteed.

Deliver a better customer experience and help your dealerships sell more

Use a call centre to set up appointments for dealerships

OEM’s can use a call centre that sets appointments for dealerships, who can then use the Whisbi solution to offer a digital dealership experience, i.e. show the cars that prospective customers are interested in via the video walk, go over available stock, use a car configurator or look at financing options via the screen share functionality. OEM’s might consider this option for dealerships that are not fully convinced or have few sales representatives.

Route conversations from your web to the nearest dealership, based on location

The lead will be filtered through the Whisbi widget and based on the area sent directly to the corresponding dealer. In case the call is not answered, the lead can be routed through to the next closest dealership or to the OEM’s call center. Once the prospective customer is connected to the dealership sales representative can immediately have a sales conversation and the sales representative can use the Whisbi tools to move the client towards the next step in the journey.

Place Whisbi directly on your dealership website

Generate even more pre-qualified leads, by placing Whisbi as well on your dealerships’ websites. Recommended for your premium dealerships that have a high amount of monthly web traffic. This is a much better customer experience as prospective customers will not need to talk to a call centre first and can get a direct service from the dealership sales agent in real time.

Outbound calls using Whisbi PIN

The sales representatives can use Whisbi conversational tools on any phone call. All that is required is a landing page this can be at the OEM level) to which the sales representative can direct the prospective customer to, and contains a PIN number which will be used to sync the sales representatives session with the session of the prospect. This way any phone call can become a Whisbi session.

Hyundai Mexico achieved a 3:1 ROI with Live Video Engagement

Deep dive into Hyundai’s journey to increase test drive appointments and what results to expect with Whisbi.

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How SKODA UK’s Virtual Showroom increased the number of leads sent to dealerships

SKODA’s Virtual Tour concept is a new innovative way of interacting with customers and has helped the brand to differentiate from its competitors. This project ultimately enabled the brand to offer engaging online customer experience that better meets customers’ needs and generates better-qualified leads for their dealership network.

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How worlds’ leading auto brands generate hot leads for their dealerships

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