New product releases 2022

It’s time to recap all our new product releases of the first half of this year! We’ve been building and improving features in order to give our clients the possibility to engage with their customers instantly. This is what has been happening, let’s dive right in!

1. ​​Widget Redesign

Attract customers organically​​​

We know how important user experience is for your day-to-day business. In our latest widget update we aimed for a newly designed widget that’s more minimalistic, modern and focused on natural conversations and content. The experience is now more accessible for your customers.


  • A modern Widget that looks more fresh and stylish
  • Still customizable as always
  • Smaller in size, overlapping less with your store
  • Better use of the widget area, putting most of the focus on the content or conversation
  • Responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes

2. Whisbi Backstage

A great show needs work behind the scenes

Our new reporting tool allows you to understand your audience while tracking and enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns. Empower your brand with an intelligent and quick reporting tool, customized for your needs. At its core, Whisbi Backstage aims to provide users with relevant information in their respective campaigns and provide the control to make changes where needed.


  • Providing the user with all the power needed to configure and customize their solution
  • Making suggestions and optimization decisions for / with the user
  • Providing users with information on what each configuration is and how to manage it
  • Aggregating and accommodating future technologies and different levels of visibility
  • Visualize your existing chatbot conversation through the first feature we release from our conversation builder (coming soon)


Increase the number of buyers drastically

Whether you need to retarget those leads who left your shopping basket with articles they’re interested in or you want to promote anything special to your customers, we got you. Now you can customize and display a space for your own ads in Whisbi during live broadcasts. This way, you will increase your conversion rates while engaging with your web visitors!


  • Manageable within Whisbi Backstage
  • Select Which Ads you want to display throughout your session directly from our broadcasting app.
  • Allows users to create tailored advertisements & customizable call to actions
  • Choose the style of ads you want to show. You can choose between a sleek banner with one call to action, or go for a more interactive banner and carousel ads
  • Enhancing conversations by displaying relevant items to your customers during live broadcasts

3. Virtual Call (VoIP)

Removes barriers for web visitors

Besides offering the conventional phone systems connection, Whisbi now offers a modern communication technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This cloud-based technology has revolutionized the communication infrastructure and allows your customers to call your sales agents using only wifi or mobile data connection.


  • Connected seamlessly to your existing telephony infrastructure 
  • Customers can connect instantly without the need to provide a phone number or any other barriers.
  • Easily deployable in countries where standard telephony on the customer side is highly regulated or unreliable
  • Detects if the internet connection on the customer side is fast enough to deliver a good CX

New Video Technology

Higher quality with less bandwidth

We have completely rebuilt our video technologies from the ground up. Whisbi now has higher definition video technology for all your agents’ video interactions. The new technology offers


  • Superior quality with higher resolution and higher frame-rates 
  • Less bandwidth requirements and more efficient use of resources
  • Automatically adaptable in real time to accommodate changes in a connection and/or slower ones

4. External cameras for Agents

Show products and offers using external cameras

Agents sell better when they can talk about the features and details while showing the product. Sharing the showroom has never been easier in the Agent iOS and (coming soon to Android) since we added the ‘External cameras’ functionality native in the app.


  • One-click sharing through the same device
  • Guaranteeing security through your own network settings with IP security cameras
  • Pre-set shot angles during your video call

5. Chat attachments

Securely share more than just text

Sharing lengthy, detailed or visual information over chat messages or video can take up too much time and possibly create confusion for your customers. Finding the fastest way for both the agent and the customer to send over documents or files during the session is through chat attachments.


  • Supported file types are: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, xls, xlsx, ppt, video files (MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, AVI)
  • Guaranteeing antivirus over everything, only secure files can make their way


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