Marc Sorli of Multiplica: ‘With our client SVR, we’ve reached a conversion rate of 30% through Live Video Shopping’

Marc Sorli Racioppi is the Head of eRetail and Live Shopping at Multiplica, which is a digital native consulting company. He’s in constant search for new technologies to take the shopping experience to another level. Marc and his team are fully focused on providing live shopping strategies to various clients like Levi’s, L’Oréal brands, Adolfo Domínguez or SVR amongst others. Live Video Shopping creates the in-store experience online and that’s exactly what the e-Commerce world has been missing. It’s not simply about just making a purchase anymore, the whole experience around shopping online nowadays requires human interaction to make consumers feel more connected. It’s shoppertainment time!

Whisbi is a Live Commerce platform that provides services like Live Video Shopping, Virtual Selling, Live Broadcasting and more. We help brands achieve 100% of their web revenue potential through online sales conversations powered by video. In this series ‘Whisbi Talks’ we’re inviting experts of the Live Shopping world to share their experiences and knowledge with us around these topics. Please read on!

Let’s jump right in. What’s your story?

I started working in PR and press agencies over 25 years ago, mainly for lifestyle and luxury brands. After that, in 2012, I moved to Latin America where I lived for 7 years. I was working as the CEO of a tech start up, focused on the beauty market. At that time I was living between Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. I fully dived into the digital and tech market, because I was building a product from scratch, which helped me grow my skills and knowledge. 

In 2018 I came back home to Barcelona and I joined BeAgency, which was a digital advertising agency. I worked for brands such as Levi’s, Reebok and many of the L’Oréal Group brands. BeAgency was always looking for the next big thing to come in the digital space. Back then, I was the head of the audiovisual department. We saw that live shopping was coming on really strongly in China at the beginning of the pandemic, and we saw the clear potential of this format. We had both the digital strategy and audiovisual production skills inhouse, which is the perfect combination for live shopping – since it’s a mixture between digital strategy and audiovisual production. We launched the live shopping department in BeAgency in April 2021. In the beginning of 2022 BeAgency was acquired by Multiplica where i joined as Head of eRetail and Live Shopping department and I’m proud to say we’re one of the few agencies in Europe that is focused on providing live shopping strategies and execution to clients.

In which markets do you operate?

Right now, Multiplica operates in 11 countries. The offices we have are mainly in Latin America and in three countries in Europe, which are Spain, Italy and France. As a company, we’re structured in as we call them: ecosystems. These ecosystems are, for example, money – banking, insurance – or fintech, farma, lifestyle – fashion, beauty, cars and more – travel and leisure to name a few. We’re operating in many different business sectors. In these areas we’re offering clients services from digital marketing, user experience, data analysis, artificial intelligence to marketing automation and much more. The live shopping team is managed from Barcelona, and operates in many countries, where we’re providing clients with a complete 360 service from strategy to execution

What is the next big challenge for Multiplica?

For us the immediate big challenge is related to a project we are actually working together with Whisbi; setting up a huge live shopping structure in Barcelona that’s going to stream content eight hours a day, 365 days per year to 30 different countries.

Do you know any pain points about user engagement on the current enterprise websites?

I think that finding the right information is the real pain point. In some websites there is too much information and in some others it’s difficult to find the exact info you might be looking for. This is solved with live video shopping, since customers can ask whatever they want and their questions are answered, either by the presenter, or through the live chat. Do you know that 83% of the people needs help during a purchase process? And worse than that: 37% abandon the process because they can’t find the information they require.

To conclude: can you tell me some brands rocking the user engagement now in this field?

Two of our own brands are doing very well in terms of engagement. We have brands that are reaching amazing numbers in Live Shopping sales. The first example is Levi’s. With them, we did the first live shopping ever worldwide, where we worked with the headquarters in San Francisco to showcase a new collection – Levi’s 70’s High. They were not after sales – they were after impact, reach, doing something new and different. We got almost 13 million impacts with the campaign. We had games, influencers on screen and other types of interaction to entertain the viewers. The influencers would talk about this event beforehand to create buzz for people to actually go and watch the live stream. We also had paid campaigns, content in social media and so on. 

Every time we create a strategy for a client we include the previous, during and post phase of the event. We develop the global strategy, how to implement the right method of live shopping in a company, the breakdown for that strategy to each one of the live sessions and in the session itself we manage the scripts, the host selection and contract, the production and literally everything that goes with it. 

The other brand I have in mind is SVR, which is a French pharma cosmetics brand and they’re fully focused on sales. They have approximately 500 viewers per session, which is a lot less than Levi’s has of course, but we’ve reached a 30% conversion. That’s an amazing number and they’ve been selling thousands of euros from their very first live session. They reach these numbers because they focus on problem solving, the host is not an influencer – but a beauty expert. She knows where she’s talking about and gives the perfect answers to the skin questions that users share in the live chat. These are two different ways of approaching live shopping sessions and they both work!

Do you want to read more about Marc’s vision? Jump to his follow-up interview here.


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