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Increase ROI with real-time lead distribution

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Enable your sales teams to have real time conversations with online customers from any channel or campaign

Central brand website

Place Whisbi on your homepage for greater exposure, offer general help and real time support

Campaign sites

Connect your online leads with product experts for campaigns about specific products or services

Google Adwords ads

Allow your online leads to connect to a sales agent with one click, straight from your online ads

Online product comparison sites

Connect with your customers in the online research phase and better explain your value proposition

Email & SMS campaigns

Notify your customer about a new product or service and include a CTA that connects them to a sales agent

Offline campaigns via QR code

Use a QR code in your offline campaigns to connect customers straight to your product experts

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Why route conversations from your online channels to a physical location

Increase conversion rates while lowering acquisition costs

Improve operational efficiency and enable your retail agents that are not currently servicing clients in stores to answer online client requests. Our data shows that retail sales reps convert at higher rates than call centre agents, because of the improved customer experience that conversational tools, such as video, live product demo and web-sharing bring.

Increase resilience and flexibility of online sales channels

Treat your retails stores as a backup for your assisted online sales channels. You can use your store agents for overflow traffic to the call center or for requests coming from a specific lead source. This flexibility improves your customer experience as well as increases online conversion rates. It also makes your business more resilient to external factors and enables business continuity in case of unforeseeable circumstances that could prevent call centers from operating as normal.

Improve Customer Experience with online-to-retail model

Enable your retail store channel to service online leads who need assistance to complete their purchase. Route traffic to local stores, based on your business rules and allow your online customers to connect to sales agents who can use live video, web-sharing and other conversational features, that improve customer experience & allow online customers to finalise their purchase in a specific store.

How a leading telco brand ensured business continuity during COVID-19 and beyond

During the closure of call centers due to Covid-19, the brand reacted quickly and connected over 120 retail agents to the conversational solution that enabled them to serve customers online. This flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to unforeseeable circumstances made their business more resilient, prevented major job cuts and protected their revenue.









How worlds’ leading brands bring the in-store experience online & sell more

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