How Whisbi is helping to sell more cars online

The first step that a customer normally takes when they want to buy a car is researching online. Car buyers are want to be sure that the car they want has the exact features and options they are looking for, but the average car buyer physically visits only 1.8 dealerships. So the question for automotive companies is “How to start to sell more cars online?”.

In general, car shoppers are not able to go to the dealership straight after they have found an interesting car online. They just don’t have enough time for this. Whisbi can help automotive companies to be sure the customer will eventually come to the dealership as well as engaging customers while they wait.

Whisbi creates more engagement for your online visitors

With Whisbi, automotive companies can show their vehicles via live video while they are speaking to customers on the phone. This increases transparency, giving the customer a personalized experience and providing real-time feedback to the retailer.

Sell more cars online

The telephone is the most used channel by customers when connecting with companies for sales or customer service. When calling, more than 70% of customers are in front of a connected device with a browser. By using Whisbi’s seamlessly integrated telephone and internet solution, automotive businesses sell more cars online because they fully engage at the first point of contact.

Whisbi is changing the way people purchase and connect with brands and products online. With a big Call-to-Action button the customer can either give a number to be called back on, or request a free callback.

With Whisbi you can show the product and the face of a sales rep, while tracking everything with our analytical tool. What is unique about Whisbi is that our solution is universal, the customer does not need to download (or plugin anything) and it works on any device. The customer only needs a phone and a device connected to the internet.

With one click, the sales rep connects the camera of the smartphone or smart glasses. They walk around the showroom, showcasing the vehicle in real time to the customer while talking on the phone. The sales rep can also use co-browsing and chat. After a live demonstration the customer can book a test drive or appointment at their convenience.

Monitor leads from click to call to sale

It is difficult to measure and control the sales journey from click through to telesales up to the point of closing the purchase. With Whisbi it is possible to track all of your customers’ interactions from click to phone call. You will be able to see which marketing campaign is driving more sales appointments and test drives and which Call-to-Action is performing better.

Higher sales conversions and double the volume of cross sells and upsells, more efficiency and better customer satisfaction. With just one button on your web page.

♦ 30% sales conversion rate;

♦ +110% increase in presales (more test drives booked, more customized quotes to prospect clients and more qualified leads sent to the dealerships);

♦ 90% customer satisfaction rate.

Our SaaS solution helps automotive companies sell more cars online and monetize their web visits better.

We are changing the way people purchase and connect with brands and products online.

Find out more about how we have been helping one of our automotive clients to sell more cars and better.

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