How to make the Switch to Conversational Sales and increase your Conversion Rate

More and more customers are moving to online channels when in search for a new telecom provider. Latest movements show it is no longer enough to show products in a catalog-style and transfer customer requests to inbound calls. It’s time for a change!

Sales is a two-way conversation. Customers want to be able to contact the sales team on their terms – rather than waiting for somebody to come back to them after filling in the contact form. Especially nowadays, where the online shopper can get info about mobile features anywhere in the world wide web, Telecom brands have to make the first step towards customers. 80% of customers say that the purchasing experience a company provides is as important as its products!

Today’s customers are tech-savvy and prefer minimal friction during the buying process. Online shopper want answers to their questions right away and if they don’t get the immediate assistance they might as well check the countless third-party websites which compare the newest technologies and buy the product in the store.

The traditional online sales approach is failing

By filling in online forms, it blocks leads at their point of peek interest and as a result, online forms perform poorly. Even short forms will only convert about 10-13% of all visits.

Basic chatbots often fail to satisfy customers, as responses are either too generic or the customer is redirected to a form or generic FAQ page. A recent chatbot consumer research study revealed that consumers want chatbots to provide simple answers to quick questions.

Time is money. The first 5 minutes of interactions are crucial during the purchase process. If within 10 minutes the customer did not get a response, the sales opportunity decreases by 400%!


(Source: Chatbotmagazine)

So what can be done to offer a unique customer experience and increase conversion rate?

The answer is Conversation-driven Sales

Also called Conversational Sales is a more one-to-one, dialogue-driven approach to
online sales. With conversational selling, brands pull down the barriers that prevent customers from buying online and the best leads are directed in real-time to the sales team.

Whisbi is the leading mobile-first provider of conversational sales technology. Whisbi combines online sales channels like video-call, chat, chatbot, click-to-call, co-browsing or a traditional phone call with one centralized data-driven UI for your customers. This approach creates personal, instant and quality interactions.

Results speak for themselves

Whisbi’s client A1 Austria delivered a +30% online conversion rate with real-time customer support. A1 wanted to explore new ways of connecting with online customers, that would help better communicate their value propositions of various products and services and increase online sales. So they did, with A1 Liveshop powered by Whisbi. According to the brand, 80% of A1 customers inform themselves online before contacting the brand. 

Keen to find out how exactly Whisbi implemented the solution and how a cost overview would look like? Then download our guide here and contact us to get further info.

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