Best Examples of Successful Virtual Events

Here are some examples how Brands such as Three UK and Hyundai have transformed their shop and dealership into a digital experience with the Whisbi Broadcast solution. 

Three UK

Three UK wanted to deliver a more seamless experience to their customers, knitting together the online and offline experience and connecting with them on a personal level at every stage of the buying process.

They worked with Whisbi to build Three Live, a live video broadcast solution allowing real staff members to reach customers wherever they are. It’s Conversational Sales in action.

The solution used live video demonstrations and one-to-many broadcasts to interact with customers, answer questions in real time, and deliver a human feel to all journeys whether online or offline.

The results were impressive: 16% engaged viewers, more than 20,000 questions asked, and a 5X increase in conversion rates.

Hyundai Live

The car industry is embracing the digital era more and more, with buyers increasingly demanding more convenience combined with more two-way interaction online.

Hyundai wanted to really make an impact on customers in the early stages of their buying journey. They used Whisbi’s Live Video Broadcast to reach multiple viewers at once and deal with their questions.

This resulted in over 1 million viewers during 9 months of broadcasting, and 14% of these were engaged viewers

On average, Hyundai was sending 70 pre-qualified leads to their dealerships per month.

These are just two examples, but Whisbi’s platform has helped many businesses in a range of industries connect with their customers remotely and deliver impactful virtual experiences.

The Future for Virtual Events

Virtual events are a powerful tool for companies, and as time goes on and business becomes ever more digital, it’s likely they’ll become an even bigger part of our lives.

The COVID-19 crisis and all the associated lockdowns have forced enterprises to become more remote-capable and switch to virtual events to continue interacting with their customers and making sales.

As time goes on, the enterprises that thrive will be those that can create impactful virtual experiences for their customers.

To find out how Whisbi can help you deliver better virtual events, request a demo today.