This is what the customer journey looks like nowadays

With the arrival of Live Commerce, the e-Commerce customer journey has changed forever. In less than five years, Live Commerce has transformed the retail industry and became the main sales channel. China is definitely a front runner and companies all over the world are trying to keep up. The early adopters are also starting to ramp up their sales significantly, so hop on the train as soon as you can. 

Customer is king

Since Live Commerce is part of our online shopping experience, the customer journey automatically changed around it. The traditional customer journey is nowhere to be found, it has changed dramatically. While we have often heard the phrase that ‘customer is king’, it’s more true now than ever. With brands competing to win larger customer shares, they can make a choice from thousands of brands for similar products. The future of business is customer-centric, and you can achieve the best-in-class online customer experience with Live Commerce. 

Customers expect fast, personalized and accurate service where they can engage with brands through their preferred online channels. This is what they value the most when it comes to shopping online. Live commerce solutions allow customers to have real-time conversations with brand experts, which humanizes the online shopping world and brings the customer experience to the in-store level. 

The evolving customer journey

Nowadays, people across the UK and parts of Europe have access to an average of nine connected devices in just one household, according to Statista. In the US, this figure is even higher at around ten. With a world of content at our fingertips, the customer journey has evolved and expanded significantly bringing new channels, pathways and advertising opportunities into the mix.

The start of the customer journey leads us to the awareness stage. As a company, you need to make it easy for (potential) customers to find your brand’s products and services. Back in the days, customers became aware of a product from advertisements through television, newspapers and magazines. 

In the current times, there are so many channels to discover and ways to do research about products. This makes the current customer journey less linear than the traditional one. Customers are now much more likely to discover new brands during the research or consideration stage of their journey. In the conversation stage of the customer journey, it’s necessary to actually be able to speak to a brand – from a customers’ perspective. That’s where Live Commerce comes in, it’s the best way to talk to your customers in real-time, give advice and guide them to make the actual purchase. But be aware, it’s also the most challenging stage with a shopping cart abandonment rate at 69.8%. The final stage of the modern customer journey is the advocacy stage. Customer engagement continues after shoppers have made their purchase. They’re rating your product and service by posting user generated content online. If you’ve provided a first-class journey, you will see the pay off as your happy customers will help you to convert more buyers.

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