How to implement Virtual Call

To be able to implement this feature, it’s important to find the right solution. We can help you with that. Whisbi uses VoIP technology to offer Virtual Call. The new customer journey looks as follows:

  • When requesting to connect, the customers will see the Virtual Call option in the Whisbi Sell interface
  • Once an agent is found the customer will be able to accept or drop the Virtual Call
  • Once the customer accepts the call the user flow will be the standard Whisbi Sell experience

Engage with your customers in real-time

This makes it so much easier for brand experts to engage with customers in real-time from their website. Let’s elaborate a bit more on the Whisbi Sell feature – which is a one-to-one sales solution for assisted sales. With this solution, you can connect hot online leads with your sales experts in real-time. This way, you digitize your sales journey and you’ll bring the in-store experience online. Use conversations to qualify web visitors and connect them to your experts in stores, call centres or showrooms. Enable your online customers to have real time conversations with your sales team every time they visit your website. This is what’s included:

  • Conversational chatbot: We transform your existing sales and support workflows into conversations that classify and qualify web visitors, using chatbots. The experience and conversations can be completely customized and adapted to your business rules and sales workflows.
  • Whisbi agent workspace: Connect your online leads to your sales experts in any physical location in real-time based on your business rules, using our One-to-One Assisted Sales solution. Whisbi-powered Conversational Agents have a user-friendly interface which increases their performance. With tools like web-sharing, live messaging, live video & file transfer, the agents improve the user experience and close more deals.
  • Reporting: Track the entire customer journey from click-through to interaction and closed sale. Gain a better understanding of your customer’s behavior and collect key insights through world-class analytics and reporting.

Virtual Call is the future

Virtual call is different from any other solution. You don’t have to collect any phone numbers or other personal information. It removes barriers for web visitors and it allows them to contact your brand without having to provide any personal information. This cloud-based technology has revolutionized the communication infrastructure and allows your customers to call your sales agents using only wifi or mobile data connection.

  • Connected to your existing telephony: Whisbi will connect the VoIP call with your existing telephony infrastructure seamlessly
  • Globally compliant and secure: it’s easily deployable in countries where standard telephony on the customer side is highly regulated or unreliable
  • Always a stellar experience: Whisbi Virtual Call option only shows when our algorithm detects that the internet connection on the customer side is fast enough to deliver a good customer experience

Are you looking to shift towards a more scalable digital solution that increases your inbound sales? We can help! Talk to our experts now