What to expect as a retailer

To wrap it up: what can you expect as a retailer when it comes to Black Friday? If you own an online business, it’s an excellent chance to not only boost your sales but attract new customers along the way. 

Whatever you decide on your strategy, have a clear vision about the costs of your campaigns. Make a pricing plan beforehand, so you won’t run into any surprises when your campaigns are already out there. Try to implement as many of these marketing strategies we’ve been running by you and we can guarantee you that your profits will rise during the upcoming Black Friday season. 

Most important key insights to consider:

  • Start preparing your Black Friday strategy early 
  • Have an eye on your competition
  • Always think mobile-first
  • Make sure you optimize your e-Commerce experience 
  • Integrate Live Commerce options like Live Video Shopping and Live Broadcasting
  • Segment your email list and create strong email campaigns
  • Build a strong social media presence
  • Remind visitors about their abandoned carts
  • Engage on any platform possible with your audience: website, social media, email, etc. Make sure there’s no way to miss out on your brand

To find out how Whisbi can help you increase your online Black Friday sales, request a demo today.