These solutions will help accelerate your Black Friday marketing strategy

Black Friday can really ramp up your sales, but a good strategy is key – including the right solutions. Rome wasn’t built in one day, so you don’t have to worry about getting to the perfect vision overnight. Our main tip is to start early (like, yesterday) and you’ll get there. Second best (but still crucial) tip: make sure everything you put out there is very mobile-friendly. Let’s move to the practical part: be visible to your audience! This is what you should include in your Black Friday strategy:

Integrate a Live Commerce solution

Your audience should know about your existence and the fact you’re joining Black Friday discounts. Put yourself out there and make sure everyone knows your brands’ name. How? Engage with your customers. Online shoppers are still missing the in-person shopping experience they get in retail stores. That’s why online retailers are turning to Live Commerce to engage with their audience and bring the store experience online. It’s a combination of live streaming and online sales – and it works!

According to, Live Commerce is perfect for Black Friday, since it has shown extraordinary results and benefits:

Let’s take a quick look at where Live Commerce came from. It started in China about 3 years ago and back then, it already made up more than 10% of e-Commerce Sales. In the meantime, the US and European markets are catching up fast. Customers love it, and the add-to-cart and sales conversation rates are incomparable. states: ‘Live commerce is broadly pioneered throughout Asia. Alibaba’s Taobao platform developed a culture of live influencers who communicate the value of various products. Taobao’s aggressive development of the live commerce concept enabled a practice that has helped support brick-and-mortar retailers.’

Taobao says that in 2021, Live Commerce will generate more than 500 million sales transactions. Is your company ready to take advantage? 

Looking at all the things we said about Live Commerce, we wrote a guide about how you can get started with this new trend, and this why it is the ideal tool to interact with your customers. It’s booming right now and there’s a reason for it. This popular trend offers the ability to show your audience the products you would like to sell and provide advice in real-time. As a presenter, you can interact with customers that are watching your live stream while the customers can make a purchase directly from the live stream, with the click of a button. This way, consumers are receiving a far more engaging experience than using a traditional self-service e-commerce platform and just filling a virtual shopping cart. Start implementing a solution like this on your website and show your customers which products you will be promoting prior to Black Friday. We offer Live Video Shopping within our Engage solution.

TIP: Choosing the right Live Video Shopping solution is no easy task. We’ve put our knowledge together in this easy-to-use checklist. Download it here for free!

Try Live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting is the perfect solution for retailers. It digitizes your sales journey and brings the in-store experience online. This way you as a brand can connect with your customers in real-time, which is perfect prior to and during Black Friday. Because offline events seem to have become impossible right now, businesses are expanding the reach with live streaming instead. Why? Because you can reach a considerably higher audience. E-commerce is now the go-to shopping choice for consumers. As a result, the lines between physical stores and online stores need to converge. The key ingredient for retailers is to make the buying process more personal and enjoyable. The fix to do that is live broadcasting for sales, and that’s exactly what you should aim to do this Black Friday.

Deliver an omnichannel experience

Make it easy for yourself. You want to receive as many leads as possible, and Whisbi Boost can help you with that goal. We can boost your assisted sales with a sales uplift of more than 10% just by optimizing your existing resources. Understand the visitor behavior on your website to be able to predict their expected conversation potential, and create an omnichannel experience. With Whisbi Boost, we can only show our Whisbi solution to a specific group of your web visitors, based on the AI algorithm. Predict the likelihood of any given website visitor to convert, then exploit that knowledge by optimizing the use of the Whisbi experience. How? Here are 5 combinable use cases: