How to implement Live Video Shopping

Live Video Shopping is extremely helpful to make sure your brand is growing and engaging with your customers in real-time. This trend plays three essential roles: provide engagement, help customers better understand your products, and sell your products directly from your website.

Solutions for Live Video Shopping

Because video is increasingly impacting e-commerce, there are many new emerging platforms that offer Live Video Shopping. Here’s a list of platforms for shoppable video that are easy to use and implement. 


Whisbi’s Live Engagement Platform is designed to help brands engage new and existing audiences with Live Video Shopping, directly on their website. They are able to ask questions to brand experts and based on the advice they can easily make a purchase. 

Unlike other live streaming platforms, our solution allows your website visitors to add items to their basket without needing to leave the stream. Brands can integrate Whisbi’s software without a hassle in 3 easy steps:
1. embed just one line of javascript,
2. download the Broadcast by Whisbi app,
3. start live streaming – it’s that easy. 

Our live video streaming solution is geared towards top of the funnel engagement, helping you drive sales. Our platform lets you achieve a 3:1 return on investment, and customers are 10X more likely to buy your product(s) – using our solution. This results in a 26% increase in up-selling.


The Live Video Shopping platform Bambuser is specifically built for retailers. Bambuser lets them connect with their audience through different channels. Through this platform, it’s possible to interact with customers in real-time and include them in the conversation. They offer one-to-one live-streaming options for personalized experiences. This platform is not made for continuous live-streaming sessions for 8 hours a day – it’s more based on special events. Also, Bambuser’s live video takes over the whole screen of the website and doesn’t allow the viewer to browse the website at the same time as they are watching the live stream.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live is the company’s live-streaming project to help brands and influencers engage with shoppers in real-time with interactive shoppable video to increase sales on the Amazon platform. They offer deals and special prices in the product carousel for customers. Amazon lets viewers find products directly next to the video player, so they can make a purchase immediately. 


Livescale offers a customizable live shopping solution that features seamless checkouts, real-time transactions, synced product feeds, and more. Their platform creates personal and interactive relationships between the brand and the customers. Livescale is mostly focused on the retail industry and doesn’t offer a personal approach where customers are able to talk to brand experts one on one. also is a Live Show shopping solution integrated into your E-Commerce site, with simple and quick integration. Caast helps your site to be more appealing to your customers and increases traffic and sales. This solution lets you easily measure the KPIs that interest you and analyze the behavior of your users during the live stream, and after the live stream!

Launch your product online from your live stream store

The trend of launching products through your live streaming store will most likely continue even after the pandemic. With Live Video Shopping, you can launch your products and you only have to take care of the content and the presenters. It allows you to educate and inform multiple customers at once about your products with dynamic video content, which is a great way to engage with your audience.

Live streaming platforms have become a major part of a product promotion strategy because brands need as many people as possible to see their new product in order to sell more. From tech giants to car manufacturers and retailers, they are all using Live Video Shopping as part of their product launch strategy. Why are brands increasingly shifting their resources to live streaming video? 

  1. The potential for live interaction (such as Q&A) creates a far more engaging experience
  2. Creating conversations that generate returns for brands in engagement, lead generation, and influencer marketing 
  3. Reach the target audience & create an additional revenue stream that is potentially always open

How Live Video Shopping is becoming a new sales channel

Live Video Shopping is an essential mix of live stream video, e-commerce, and social media. This trend has grown and became an essential sales channel for all e-commerce brands. Suitable for almost every industry this solution engages audiences on your website while increasing sales conversion, data ownership, and online sales. Live Video allows your audience to see the products more closely, especially when it’s complex or represents a big investment (i.e. car, washing machine,…). Live Video also helps the buyer to connect with the product, see it in action, or get familiar with all the features. In short: it delivers great value to your brand. If done properly, you can achieve a very high ROI, better engagement, and an outstanding increase in sales. And that’s exactly why this is rapidly becoming a new sales channel businesses are heavily investing in!

Saleslayer states: ‘’66% of users wishing to find information on products prefer to look at a short video with a presenter to ask questions before and afterward, they make a purchase.’’

Ways of using Live Video Shopping 

There are multiple ways of how to use Live Video Shopping. Here are some ideas that are easy to implement:

Product launches
From a sneak peek to a debut on the day of the launch: with Live Video Shopping you can introduce & sell your new products directly from your website. Create an experience around the launch and inform your audience in the weeks before so everyone knows your product launch is coming. Live video gives you the ability to answer questions from fans in real-time and create a more personalized online shopping experience, as you make a product available for sale for the first time. 

You can drastically increase your online customer engagement and sales by getting an influencer to participate in your live streams (preferably one that has a big followers base). Keep in mind to get the right person that fits your brand’s image.

Behind the scenes
Engaging with your customers is possible in so many ways. Give them a glimpse behind the scenes when you’re picking products you want to add to your Live Video Shopping experience. Lead your customers through this process and they will feel connected, instantly.  

All of these options allow your customers to participate in the testing, learning, and shopping experience in a way that traditional e-commerce doesn’t.