The future of Live Broadcasting

As we said before, the COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated how essential virtual meetings, live streaming, and similar technologies are to business continuity. Gone are the days when businesses needed an in-house engineering team to implement video streaming – it’s way easier now.

Live Broadcasting makes up a considerable chunk of this raw information floating around, with video forecasts to account for 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022

In today’s world, customer experience is as important as the core of your organization. That’s why innovative businesses have moved their focus from accelerating sales to how they can better serve their customers. In the end that turned out to be more effective with a higher conversion rate. In short: businesses will continue to shift towards Live Broadcasting to help their customers and improve live engagement.

According to Cisco, the number of internet-connected devices will be more than three times the global population by 2023. It’s safe to assume that a high number of these will be used to watch live streaming videos To put it another way, the internet of things will give way to an internet of streams. The future for Live Broadcasting is bright!

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