Best practices of Live Broadcasting

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how our customers used our live engagement platform to connect with their customers and achieve their goals.

Telecommunications – UK Telco Brand

The challenge: The main challenge for this Telco brand was to interact with their customers digitally, now the shops are closed due to COVID-19. The omnichannel strategy of this brand is about having a seamless experience across all of their channels but appreciating that every channel has its own nuance. The core of this strategy is to build confident purchases with their customers.

The solution: Within this UK Telco brand we’ve integrated the Whisbi Broadcast solution. What it does is start to knit together the best assets of this brand and its physical channels. Only a few other brands in the UK do the same thing, which makes it quite unique. It enables customers to watch a live product broadcast – and not only watch it – interact with it as well. Customers can ask live questions to the presenters, who are able to see those questions coming through and it gives the presenters the power to customize the broadcast based on what the viewers want to see and know.

The results:

  • 26% attachment rate on bundled accessories
  • Over 20K questions asked
  • 16% were engaged viewers
  • Over 2700 hours of viewing time
  • 5x increase in conversion rate

Telecommunications – USA Telco Multinational

The challenge: In past years, this Telco brand struggled to overcome barriers that online customers have in staying digital. Number one thing is that customers want to touch and feel the devices and see them in action (interface, flow, settings, etc.). Customers believe they get a better customer experience from a human/live person with who they’re able to see and interact, so they prefer to visit physical stores. The lack of transparency makes people reluctant to shop online.

The solution: Whisbi helped the brand by providing conversational technology that powers the Digital Virtual Store (DVS). Having a presenter live on their website, showing and demoing the devices, gets customers closer to traditional face-to-face interactions they get in the physical stores. 

With Whisbi, their customers now have access to quicker and more reliable help online. Customers get a live video experience with a human/live person who they’re able to see and interact in real-time, which develops trust and buy-in from the online prospects. The brand also improved online engagement with Live video and was able to better educate online visitors on their products; which shortened the buying cycle.

The results:

  • 161% increase in conversion rate across all web pages
  • 4x higher ROI
  • 678 incrementals (= full order: including 2 or more units, i.e. accessories, devices, plans, etc.)
  • 2.22% decrease in Care Call-in-Rate (CIR): online visitors got all the information through  live video broadcasts

Automotive – Hyundai Mexico

The challenge: Hyundai wanted to capture new car buyers’ attention online, early in their research process and be able to show their new cars on their website in an engaging and interactive way. The brand also wanted to answer all the questions that buyers might have in real-time and use their website as a lead generation tool for their dealerships.

  • Visits to the dealerships were completely cut off in 2020 due to COVID restrictions
  • Scale video broadcasts to meet public demand, after already pioneering video broadcasts from 2018
  • Maintain a high-quality digital engagement strategy that will feed their sales funnel
  • Attract and serve a new audience, that was previously exclusively buying cars from traditional dealerships

The solution: We’ve integrated Whisbi Sell into the Whisbi Engage solution, allowing them to offer personalized experiences to clients that already watched a live broadcast. Hyundai Mexico set up a small showroom space in one of their dealerships with 2 presenters broadcasting live from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm, using just a tablet. This is an integral part of the marketing efforts, being a cornerstone for the two car launches of the year: Grand i10 and Creta.

The results:

  • 461% increase in leads generated from Hyundai Live compared to last year
  • +11.000 questions from clients
  • 8.515 leads, which is +217% more than last year
  • 123.08% growth in requests for a private session during the Live Broadcast compared to last year
  • 3:1 ROI
  • +115 related sales, which is +447% more than last year