How to implement Live Broadcasting

Broadcasting is extremely helpful to make sure your brand is growing and engaging with your customers in real-time. This trend plays three essential roles: provide entertainment, help customers better understand your products, and activate sales. Reach customers where they are- on your website, with live video streaming.

How to launch your product with Live Broadcasting

If you’re launching a new product, the focus should be on making sure the rest of the world knows about it. Live streaming platforms have become a major part of product promotion strategy, because brands need as many people as possible to see their new product in order to sell more for it to pay off. From tech giants to car manufacturers and retailers, they are all using live broadcasting as part of their product launch strategy. These companies do it for a simple reason – it works. Whenever you need digital content that motivates engagement, your mind should immediately turn to live broadcasting. Here are some stats to highlight this trend:

But, where should you start? Planning is essential for any launch event which is going to be live streamed. The whole event should be pre-planned and your audience needs to get notified. For example, release a few teasers before the main event to get people excited and involved. It is best to start your pre-event campaign at least two weeks prior to the live product launch. Also, advertise about the live broadcast and it’s release date so no one misses it. 

Product launches should be timed according to the time of the year. Perhaps your product is perfect as a Christmas gift, so don’t release it randomly in October. Take note at where your target audience is located and set a correct time that works for your whole audience (maybe you need more than one slot per day to cover all time zones).

With our Engage solution streaming software, it’s super easy to start. This allows you to educate and inform multiple customers at once about your products with dynamic video content. Encourage questions and have your presenters interact with viewers in real-time. Connect with your customers from the very start — forging a bond and setting the stage for your future relationship. You can stream any hour of the day, as many times a day as you want – from any device (mobile phones, laptops, iPads). To get started there are 3 simple steps to follow:

  1. Simply add 1 line of code to your website & download the Whisbi broadcast app 

If you want to start broadcasting with our solution, it’s easy to do so. Firstly make sure that you embed one line of Javascript into your website. Once you’ve done that, download our app on any device, a laptop, phone or tablet. Now you’re all set!

  1. Decide on the topic & promote your event

This is the fun part. Agree on the subject you want to stream about and start putting the word out. Your audience needs to know about your specific livestream – if it’s about a product launch, event or a product promotion. The date and time are important of course, as noted above. If you need inspiration or just want to know more about live streaming, read our blog post about 5 essential steps to start broadcasting.

  1. Start broadcasting to get face-to-face with your customers

Good to know: all questions and comments sent during the broadcast are private, only your presenters can see them. This helps with the control of the brand message and their reputation. Your presenters can also block abusive users. Get started today!