The best example of Inbound Sales

Here you’ll find an example of how we at Whisbi turned visitors into customers with real-time demos and how it benefited our inbound sales for B2B.

How Whisbi uses Whisbi

The challenge: Making website visitors interested enough to fill in your contact form is one of the hardest things to achieve on your website as a B2B Marketing Director/CMO. That was the main challenge for us. We set ambitious goals for ourselves to grow our revenue by 100% in 2020 and the way to scale was by increasing the number of leads generated through our website with assisted sales! One of our main OKRs for 2020 in the marketing team was marketing operations. It was all about focusing on sales & marketing alignment, which would provide results, like generating more pipeline from inbound and optimize our sales & marketing funnel from the top down.

The solution: We used Whisbi Guide at the start of every new online conversation in order to ask some qualifying questions and capture the lead info before we connect them with our sales agent. The convertor is filtering incoming leads between support and sales, in order to only send the hottest leads to the sales team. Through Whisbi Sell we’re connecting hot online leads with our sales experts in real-time, which helps us achieve a higher conversion rate through assisted selling.

Our SDRs are able to use tools such as screen-sharing, chat & live video to give our web visitors personalized demos in real-time! No need to schedule a meeting and arrange a demo in advance. This saves customers valuable time and helps to accelerate deals.

The results: With our implemented solutions we have transformed our existing marketing & sales workflow into conversations that quality and convert. Here are some amazing results Whisbi sales channel brought to Whisbi in 2020:

  • 6% of all opportunities that we closed last year came from our OTO solution
  • We shortened our sales cycle by 4 times (now 30 days, usually 4 month Enterprise sales) – meaning: delay between first meeting booked and first meeting done equals zero
  • We closed a quarter million in ARR from that channel alone -> that is 2/3 of a million in customer lifetime value
  • 650 calls came from OTO, with a website traffic of 38.60K monthly 
  • We achieved a 20% opportunity close rate (from opps created to opps closed) 

B2B brands are embracing Live Engagement

More and more B2B brands are moving towards Live Engagement. Whisbi is leading the way in live video broadcasting that has proven to drive engagement and increase online conversion rates. Simply put, our solution allows brands to catch up with existing customer expectations around live streaming and enables brands to bring the offline experience online through live video.

One of the major reasons why you should focus on Live Engagement as a B2B brand is to build trust with your audiences. This format allows you to humanize interactions that you can’t achieve through your website, pre recorded videos, or any other marketing tools. It connects people with your brand and product directly. By answering their questions in real-time, you can establish a direct relationship with them and earn their loyalty. 

Virtual events have been growing in popularity over the last few years, and recent events (like the COVID-19 lockdowns) have propelled them into the spotlight like never before. Enterprises are beginning to really see the value in virtual events like live video broadcasts and remote training camps. Take a look at our Virtual Events Playbook to get started. As time goes on, the SaaS companies that thrive will be those that can create impactful virtual experiences for their customers. Request a demo today.