Live engagement success stories

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how Whisbi has used live engagement to help brands connect with their customers and achieve their goals.

Auto industry — Hyundai

The challenge: In the new digital era, car buyers are less willing to go into car dealerships. There’s now an expectation that the research and buying process can take place mostly online, and people have grown accustomed to this convenience.

Unfortunately, for Hyundai’s customers, there was a sense of friction between offline and online purchasing. Customers felt brand experts weren’t reachable for information online. What’s more, even though Hyundai’s site was packed with great tools like car configurators and deal building tools, this wasn’t leading to more conversions or test drives.

The solution: Whisbi helped Hyundai adopt their one-to-many video chat solution, introducing live engagement for customers with interactive and detailed explanations of car models and features while answering any questions in real-time.

The results:

  • 93% customer satisfaction rate
  • 13% engaged viewers
  • 1 million total viewers

Auto industry — Toyota

The challenge: Like Hyundai, Toyota’s customers were losing interest in the dealership model and wanted to go through the car buying process online. Cutting-edge tools on the website weren’t resulting in more conversions, and customers were finding it difficult to get all the information they needed online, leading to friction.

The solution: Toyota used live engagement, driven by Whisbi’s platform, to create a dialogue with customers via live chat or voice call. This way, they were able to eliminate friction by providing information as needed throughout the buyer’s journey.

Customers also gained the ability to choose a date and time to speak with sales experts with click-to-call.

The results:

  • 56% of all leads booked test drives through the Whisbi One-to-One solution. 
  • On average Whisbi delivers more than 200 test drives to Toyota every month!
  • 95% of customers loved the service

Telecommunications: Vodafone

The challenge: Vodafone, like many companies, was witnessing a rapid shift from traditional high street stores to ecommerce. 

One major challenge was that their website contained insufficient information for visitors, and they were finding it hard to get everything they needed to make a buying decision. Vodafone was getting a high level of traffic to their website, but sales were comparatively low.

The solution: Vodafone implemented Whisbi’s one-to-one and one-to-many solutions, allowing live engagement with their customers at multiple points in the sales process. They were able to provide lots of detailed information, offer interaction at every stage, and overcome friction to deliver a more rewarding and successful customer experience

The result:

  • 25% increase in online conversion rate and gained over 400K sales leads/month
  • Online sales share increased to 20%, and Whisbi represents 50% of these sales 
  • Gained market innovator status 

Travel & Hospitality — Bahia Principe (luxury hotel chain)

The challenge: Customers typically do a lot of research before booking a trip, and with luxury hotels, customers will be hesitant to make a commitment unless they have as much information as possible.

Bahia Principe wanted to make the booking decision and process as easy as possible for their customers by making it easy for them to access all the information they need.

The solution: Bahia Principe used Whisbi’s live engagement tools to connect with their visitors more easily at all stages of the customer journey. They used live video, voice, and chat to walk customers through the booking process one-to-one, in real-time.

This allowed the hotel chain to build greater trust and a closer connection with their customers, making the decision-making process that much smoother.

The results:

  • Able to connect every web visitor with an agent in less than 6 seconds
  • 35% increase in conversion rate
  • 20% of bookings made with Whisbi
  • $1597 average ticket value