How unassisted sales can help make you sell more

Google defines unassisted sales as ‘the number of conversions for which there was only one interaction that led to the conversion, and no other impressions or clicks assisted in the conversion.’ This is obviously the ideal scenario to sell your products, but most of the time you can use some help. 

Bring the in-store experience online

With unassisted sales you can increase your customer engagement and therefore increase your online D2C sales. Through this channel you can offer a more engaging shopping experience to your online customers with Whisbi Engage. You can increase the add-to-cart rates and drive product sales, it’s possible to bring the in-store shopping experience online and at the same time engage with your visitors and connect in real-time. Let’s take a look at some more benefits: 

  • Low commitment engagement: Online shoppers can ask questions without feeling the pressure of having to talk to your salespeople one on one.
  • 10x more likely to buy online: Our customers have seen that web visitors that watch the live broadcasts convert at a 10x higher rate than web visitors not exposed to this experience.
  • Incremental revenue for unassisted sales: By providing a new top-of-the-funnel engagement channel to your web visitors you are increasing the chances for these visitors to complete a purchase through unassisted channels.
  • Easy to implement & low need for resources: You can be up and running with Whisbi Engage on your website as quickly as in 48 hours! All you need on your side is a presenter and a smartphone with the Whisbi App and you can go live.

It’s nice to know in what stage your company is, in terms of the maturity in the field. Below you’ll find three archetypes, and based on those types you should adjust your unassisted selling strategy. 

Why you should start using Whisbi Engage

So, what’s included in Whisbi Engage? Let’s elaborate a bit: 

  • Video Broadcast by Whisbi: With One-to-Many live video you can send your brand message to an unlimited number of viewers online through live video broadcast, using just a tablet and with our live chat function you invite your web visitors to interact in real time by asking questions through the chat function.
  • Conversational Chatbot: Capture more leads and generate more unassisted sales by adding a chatbot to your live streams. The experience and conversations can be completely customized and adapted to your business rules and sales workflows.
  • SMS Campaign Manager: Replaces your traditional SMS marketing campaign with an engaging invitation to join your next live broadcast about your latest product or service. Bulk notify your customer database to reactivate leads ahead of and during a broadcast. It is the X-Factor for digital transformation engagement!
  • Reporting: track the entire customer journey from click-through to interaction and closed sale. Gain a better understanding of your customer’s behavior and collect key insights through world-class analytics and reporting.

These features result in great achievements: 

  • 5:1 return on investment
  • 10x more likely to buy
  • 26% increase in upselling
  • 5x increase in sales

Don’t take our word for it, see how our customers did it! Need help getting started? We’ve got you covered. Talk to one of our experts now!