Chatbots in Action: Automotive Success Stories

Whatever vertical you’re in, chatbots can play a helping hand. A conversational marketing strategy aided by bots works across the board and can deliver massive results when done right. Let’s take a look at the latest example of a company that saw great success with the help of Whisbi’s chatbot.


Hyundai Mexico became an innovation leader in the American Automotive industry, as they partnered with Whisbi to launch the Hyundai Live project last year. This enabled the brand to combine existing online tools with the level of service and knowledge achieved at a car dealership.

“The brand saw over 1 million viewers during 9 months of broadcasting and were sending on average 70 pre-qualified leads to their dealerships, per month. Read the full story here.”

This has drastically improved their customer experience by providing convenience and online support to web visitors and guiding them through the online buying journey while researching for a new car. 

Whisbi’s Conversational Marketing Platform was a perfect fit for the brand. Not only does it work together with their existing live broadcasts, but its chatbot feature also works independently, which means that on-demand information is available 24/7 on their website and the brand’s services are only one click away at all times.

Whisbi’s Conversational Sales Convertor is specifically designed for the automotive vertical’s digital transformation journey – to increase unassisted conversion rate for pre-sales on the website, from current, low-converting web forms. It covers full workflow customization from top to bottom of the sales funnel with solutions that combine various technical products designed to meet specific business needs. This typically includes unassisted chatbot and lead qualification and 3rd party reporting integrations, such as Google or Adobe Analytics.

Thanks to the partnership with Whisbi, Hyundai has managed to successfully transform their website into a lead generation tool for their dealerships. The brand has seen amazing results with the hybrid lead capture so far:

– Over 200 leads sent to dealership every 2 weeks
– All of the leads were unassisted (automated through the chatbot)
– 10% Conversion Rate from leads to real car sales 

Chatbots work across all kinds of industries. If your company has a digital presence and wants to improve their performance and deliver a better experience to customers with conversational sales, a chatbot is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it.