Capture & convert web visitors into customers with chatbots

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Capture & convert web visitors into customers completely unassisted with chatbots

• Qualify leads on your website without using forms
• Route conversations based on your routing rules
• Connect leads to your sales agents in real-time
• Forward chatbot conversations to live experts
• Maintain the engagement throughout the sales funnel

All you need to assist your online
customers in real time

Filter & qualify online leads without forms

Use the conversational chatbot to filter your web visitors and ask them valuable qualification questions 24/7 on your website. It also makes it easy to collect privacy policy consent and helps brands comply with GDPR regulations.

Route leads to
the right team
in real-time

Create powerful rules and deliver the most qualified leads to the right salesperson in real-time. You can route your leads based on geo location, availability or even sales agent’s performance.

Generate more online leads

Whisbi will Use conversational forms to capture leads on your website 24/7. Your web visitors can connect to your sales agents in real time, book a callback at a time that suits them best or even request a test drive at the nearest dealership!

Educate web visitors

Let a chatbot answer people’s questions in real-time. Not all people on your website are ready-to-buy customers. Some have support questions or are just not ready to speak to a sales person yet.

Add Conversational Sales Landing pages
and optimize your PPC campaigns

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Hyundai generates over 100 test drives per week for their dealerships unassisted via their website

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Chatbots for Conversational Sales and Marketing: The Guide

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