Experts About the Digitalization of the Car Industry (White Paper)

Automotive is an especially exciting industry that has been hit hard by the recession a few years back and faces fundamental challenges yet again.

The customer behavior is undergoing a rapid transition, with terms like ‘omnichannel’, ‘seamless customer experience’ or ‘multi-device customers’ infiltrating sales in all sectors. More and more customers go online to search information about products and compare options without making it to physical retail locations at all.

They also demand companies to think in a more customer-centric way, providing them with the same seamless experience no matter the touch point.

The car industry is no exception by any chance.


What will this digital, omnichannel age bring to automotive businesses?

Analysts like Frost & Sullivan predict that by 2020, 60-70% of new car sales leads will come from digital channels.

In fact, they also claim that around 5% of all cars may even be sold entirely online by that time.

Already almost 80% of new car buyers start their journey online, while this is practically 100% in case of used cars.

Parallel to this, McKinsey & Company found that the average number of dealership visits by customers has dropped from 5 to 2.

If companies want to establish a sustainable growth, they have to better monetize those online channels and drive leads to the dealerships.


Must-read predictions about the future of the car buying experience

In our free new white paper, we reveal:

What do you have to know about the new generation of automotive customers and what do they demand?

What do experts predict about the future of the car buying experience?

What does the digitalization trend mean in automotive sales & customer experience?

How is the showroom experience transformed and even taken online?

Last but not least, how are companies approaching these challenges? (With exciting best practice examples.)

To learn from the cream of the crop about how you can keep pace with these changes, download the full report now.

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