Check out how our new feature RTMP Studio can benefit your brand tremendously

It’s here! You can now start using RTMP Studio, a brand new solution that you can use as a cloud or physical studio for media processing, live editing, multiple input sources, social media platforms distribution and more. This must-have integration offers you high-end production so you can make the most of your live stream. 

Unleash the power

Let’s dive right in. What can RTMP Studio do for you exactly? It empowers you with the ability to send and receive the video signal to and from external sources by building RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) support. In normal language this means adding a layer between Whisbi’s Engage solution and different (social media) platforms so you can live stream simultaneously – all in real-time. Check out the Setup video below to understand how this feature works:

RTMP Studio features

You can have a high quality advanced setup with a fully fledged studio that operates in between the Whisbi App and your store. RTMP Studio allows you to use third party studios such as OBS, Watchity, YoloBox amongst others. Through these integrations, you can leverage what digital studios have to offer and in so create a more meaningful and engaging broadcast for your viewers. The input originates from our apps and is sent to a studio that lets you:

  • Edit and mix your broadcast in real-time
  • Add effects, backgrounds, images etc.
  • Distribute your broadcast to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch and many more
  • Use Chroma key Support

Do you want to know more about this brand new feature? Book a demo with one of our experts or get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to find out more.


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