10 years of industry-specific insights & expertise with conversational sales & marketing

This year marks Whisbi’s 10 year anniversary. The company was founded in Barcelona by Alex Bisbe (CEO) & Jose Luis Cantero (CTO) and quickly became a global leader in conversational sales, with offices in the US & Spain, Whisbi was created with one mission in mind: helping B2C companies to connect with customers online and increase their digital sales revenue.

Conversational sales & marketing solutions are the newest trends that are enabling brands to generate real-time conversations with their online customers. With the rise of real-time messaging and the on-demand economy, buyers have come to expect a new type of online buying experience — one where their voices are heard and where conversations happen on their terms. Over the past decade, marketers have been mostly focusing on driving traffic and generating leads via their digital marketing channels and have failed to address this fundamental shift in how people research and buy products online. Customers want to connect with brands in real-time, through the channel most suitable to their needs or current situation. Brands need to ensure they offer all the touch points in their customer journey (voice, chat, video, etc) in order to reach 100% of their online visitors. One of the big recognition for Whisbi this year was being included on the Bots & Live Chat Martech Landscape for the first time, alongside Drift, LivePerson, and other market leaders, challenging the traditional ways of marketing & sales.

“Marketing technology has advanced — and as ever more specialized capabilities have emerged — we’re putting more flesh on our digital customers and striving to serve them in more human ways”. – Scott Binker

Whisbi offers a world-class conversational platform for sales & marketing and we are able to share our 10-years-long industry-specific insights & expertise. We have unparalleled experience working closely with global enterprises in telecommunications, automotive, travel, and insurance & banking.

The solutions have managed over:

– 700M impressions,

– 47M clicks,

– 18M call requests,

– 10M conversations

To date, Whisbi delivered over 1.5M sales to our clients globally. And this is just the start!

“As pioneers in the field of conversational sales & marketing, our mission is to change the way brands connect with customers online and put human interactions at the center of the online customer experience. Our innovative and customer-focused approach continuously ensures we offer a world-class SaaS solution to our clients”

– Alex Bisbe, CEO & co-founder

As we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Whisbi, we wanted to reflect on our expertise and show how we have impacted online engagement and conversion rates of B2C enterprises in Automotive, Telecommunications, Insurance & Travel:

10 years of industry-specific insights & expertise

Download here.

We are always looking to connect with Sales & Marketing professionals to share ideas and would welcome the opportunity to exchange market insights and some additional findings with you. Feel free to book a demo or connect to one of our product experts in real-time and try out the Whisbi platform for yourself!

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